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Neko Atsume

  1. #945412015-11-24 10:13:11 *Candytenshi said:


    So I had my yard expanded earlier this morning and now I'm saving up to change the theme and use the coupon. I'm thinking of getting the one with the bridge.

    I'm so picky. I keep moving the goodies around when there are no cats. D: I can't seem to get the best spot for each of them to CALM ME DOWN.


    Socks looks crepi with those bright eyes but look, small mittens

  2. #946662015-11-26 16:27:17Koushiro said:

    So many memento, but tubbs is special so yeah hehehe.


    Plus i need to post pictures since i was able to post now! Yay! (Ouo)//

  3. #947982015-11-29 05:07:43Koushiro said:

    Im earning enough money to redecorate the yard for the winter! Wheeeeee... By the way, i collected five stamps and receive some extra food, so be sure to enter daily passwords guys (•√•)/

  4. #948312015-11-30 05:31:57Koushiro said:


    Winter is here, so I decided to redecorate my yard and also treat my cats for some awesome (a bit) catnip. I hope I can see your yards too for the winter!


    I finally decided to buy the pot cupboard thingy. Lol.