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Parent: Share your recently read Manga

  1. #942832015-11-19 13:46:09 *Yugure said:

    "Pokemon Adventures (PokeSpe)"


    Manga Artist: Kusaka Hidenori

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

    Getting tired of watching that boy who is forever 10, and has 'Ketchup' as a surname? Still want to see Pokemon battles in an exciting way? Here is one!

    Unlike the anime, the manga counterpart revolves around the main protagonists of each game, and their names are the Pokemon games they star in. Also, this has realism as well - people dying on the spot, Pokemons ACTUALLY trying to kill humans, etc.

    If ya don't know who the hell is Red, and everybody talks about him, then read this manga!

    Now has 520+ chapters, and is only lacking Black/White 2, X & Y, and oRaS.


    (This manga holds a special place in my heart. And, Gold is pretty much me)