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  1. CL popularity contest 2015

    #944102015-11-22 10:19:39 *Kirn said:

    So, hello one and all. A lot of things happened this year, and may still happen, we had changes in staff, some are quite radical like getting second admin and all, artbook project changed hands... hell, some crazy person even decided it's a good idea to unban me. So yeah, lots of happenings. Along with that - a lot of interesting people doing interesting stuff here on site. Or boring people not doing anything good at all, we have a huge amount of those too. With all that, I decided, this is a good time for a CL popularity contest.

    So, let's look at the list of our participants, arranged alphabetically:

    @123-456-7890, @AshitoKenji, @Clever, @CloudVariasKira, @Coldu, @Dark-B, @Gwynn, @--Jack--, @Kip, @Kirn, @Lieutenant, @Momimochi, @MrTingles, @Poro, @PureBoredom, @Rebel, @Rinneko, @Warlock, @Wolfangle, @Zach

    Now, you may ask "why all those people exactly?". Well, it's simple. First, we obviously have our dear two admins. Can't really have CL popularity poll without them, can we? Next we have moderators. Not current moderators, but more like the staff list we had over the past few months. That's why we got recently demoded Pure and also MrTingles who stepped down. I feel, they also deserve to be on the list as, even if they aren't around much, most of us remember them well enough. And also there's Rin, who is our latest mod. Lastly, there's a group of seemingly almost random people. Well, it just so happens, that the rest 13 people are those who applied for moderator position during last mod applications time. Of course, it's purely coincidental that they all are on the list, so just consider this like a totally random pick of CL people.

    So, rules are simple. There's a poll listing all those members of CL, and it's up to you to decide who's most popular or who you just like or who do you think makes most work for the site... The criteria is completely up to you. You may pick the ones who are the funniest for all I care. And, to make things easier, it's a multiple-choice poll, so you may vote for however many you want. You are totally allowed to vote for yourself even.

    Feel free to vote without comments, however, every and all commentary would be greatly appreciated!

    Let the contest begin!

  2. #944312015-11-22 16:50:51Luciase said:

    So i just clicked on random buttons dont know what they did but the numbers by random peoples names went up yea i did something!

  3. #944332015-11-22 17:25:02Momimochi said:

    ... But I just did it because it's tradition every time for me to do it.

    I mean, shit, did you even actually read my application? It's not just shit; it's creamy, smelly, diarrhea.

  4. #944492015-11-23 04:38:42Destro said:

    Frankly I'm insulted i am a staple of this community and even though i fulfill exactly none of the specifications and have not ever participated in any community events or contributed much of anything at all really; I am by far the most deserving person not on that list.

  5. #944592015-11-23 08:39:20 *AshitoKenji said:

    Multiple choice thing made me want to vote for everyone, but gave myself a limit of three. Also, @BakaHime should have been on there hehe

    EDIT: okay couldn't resist, voted for 4

    EDIT: okay five but now I'm done for real

  6. #944722015-11-23 12:21:21Kirn said:


    I myself make my application or not make them not to get modded but for political reasons. But nonetheless, everyone who made the application is cut for the list, so that's why you are there. Trust me, I would rather not write your name at all anywhere.

    Also, how am I supposed to have seen your application? I am not even staff. I don't have access to the applications and also to the list of applicants... Wait, oh shi....


    I resent that remark. In all of CL history I made only 1 trolling thread. Textbook trolling, not like how you fucking ignorant idiots call pretty much everything on the net trolling. But that was in 2011, so you couldn't even have seen that. So your remark is twice invalid.

  7. #944972015-11-23 20:32:35Taro_Tanako said:

    Methinks the old man doth protest too much!

    I'll grant you that it isn't blatant trollery but then, you're not totally lacking in imagination so..just sayin yo! I also don't really trust your CL history where you are concerned..nor really do i even care..

    You should take it for the compliment it is rather than the accusation. If indeed this aint trolling then it's a stupid thread i'd have expected from some child given to playground games.


  8. #945012015-11-23 21:33:14Kirn said:

    isn't blatant trollery

    For fuck's sake. Trolling is doing/saying something to get specific (usually negative) emotional response from the opponent or the audience. It doesn't matter if it's subtle or blatant, you fucking idiot, the meaning doesn't change. So, it's up to you to explain what emotional response I am going for here. I fucking dare you.

    I also don't really trust your CL history

    Your loss.

    nor really do i even care

    Yet you write.

    You should take it for the compliment

    I don't take mistaken assumptions as compliments. That's beneath me.

    If indeed this aint trolling then it's a stupid thread

    So... your logic is... it's either trolling, and then it's good... or it's not, and then it's bad... Yeah, okay, you sound extremely credible and sensible, keep it up.

  9. #945202015-11-24 03:57:18Momimochi said:

    Trust me, I would rather not write your name at all anywhere.

    Don't write my name anywhere. Don't even do it when I'm involved in something. I'm not active for a reason.

    I don't have access to the applications and also to the list of applicants... Wait, oh shi....


  10. #945032015-11-23 22:24:51Poro said:

    Why am I on this list? I nominate Bakahime to take my spot and my votes so I can Pontius Pilate out of this potential dorama.