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CL popularity contest 2015

  1. #947802015-11-28 15:45:18Kirn said:

    Well, this was fun, so now let's make some results out of this.

    Let me congratulate apparent winners.

    3rd place with 16 votes goes to @Kip. New admins are always popular, and she is yet to make her obligatory administrative fuck ups (though, she did pardon a mass-murderer), so, even with chat being glitchy lately, people seem to like that one.
    2nd place goes to @123-456-7890 with 17 votes. New mod got a lot of support. I guess, he did up his presence on chat, made himself noticeable, and that gave him popularity. Also, again, I guess he didn't manage to fuck up anywhere yet.
    1st place, with 19 votes, goes to @Lieutenant. And obviously, one of those votes is from me, but even without that she would get 1st place. Former moderator, active projects participant, artist and new manager of CL Artbook.

    The rest of participants get nothing... Oh, the winners also get nothing. Blame the economy.

    Few points I want to make:

    First of all, even though CL votings are easily abused, it kinda feels almost like genuine votes spread. To this might even somewhat accurately represent some stuff or other. Which was a bit surprising for me - the whole thread is kinda really silly, so I didn't expect much here.
    Second of all, for some reason, while people seem to vote genuinely, most of replies I got on this thread are crap. No real feedback, and some retards just out there to try and get me, as they always do, them pathetic things, yes, you know who you are. It's like if people are okay with voting quietly, but just won't speak up and tell what they think. Are they afraid to offend someone by telling they vote for other person(s)? I don't know...
    Lastly, it was my personal hope to use this voting to make my point for CL staff - even based on popularity inside the community alone (not to mention other qualities), you should have picked Lieutenant for mod and not those two clowns for rangers from the last applications. Point made, thank you.

    CL popularity contest is now done with.