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  1. Random Facts! Again!

    #944652015-11-23 10:09:09 *BakaHime said:

    *A random fact a day to keep the doctor away!*

    @SpaceKitten told me that ^ and I agree with it mainly because it rhymes.

    Anyway, I saw that there was a thread like this a looooong long time ago, but I didn't want to be the person who just randomly bumps on old threads, so I made a new one :D

    You can post here alllll the random facts you've found and noticed. It can be as ridiculous as you want, or more serious than chichi being serious.

    NSFW because some people may want to post nsfw facts. Btw you could use pictures with your facts written on it. Anything works tbh.

    I'll start~

    Adele has a buttchin.

    here's that last thread I was talking about Random facts!:D Everybody loves them!

  2. #944712015-11-23 11:54:41 *Candytenshi said:

    Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet being flushed on screen.

    /film student trivias

    Okay something more interesting that I remember: In the botanical sense, strawberries and raspberries aren't considered as berries. Bananas, on the other hand, are botanically classified as berries.

  3. #944902015-11-23 14:14:49 *Yugure said:

    The fact that @BakaHime is a pro in chess, but doesnt know directions and Filipino culture

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" contains all the alphabets in a sentence. Unless ya jammed all the alphabets in one sentence. That, and I keep typing that in a computer when I was in elementary...


  4. #945182015-11-24 03:46:52Poro said:

    You should put tea in hottish water then cool it in the fridge. The heat helps the tea diffuse in the water much quicker.

  5. #945992015-11-25 08:05:34 *Rinneko said:

    There are more males with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) than females.


    • Females may be better at hiding their difficulties, and hence fail to be captured by the statistic.
    • Autism can be interpreted as an exaggeration of the 'normal' differences between the sexes.
    • Genes for autism are located on the X chromosome. While females inherit the X chromosome from both parents, males inherit the X chromosome inherit only from their mothers. X chromosome which females inherit from their fathers may contain an imprinted gene which 'protects' the carrier from autism.
  6. #946342015-11-26 04:01:15 *Red_Viper said:

    Immortality is a paradox, because if you don't die, are you truly alive?

    Actually that's not really a fact.

    Bonus Fact: I'm not good at this.

  7. #946352015-11-26 04:08:40Red_Viper said:

    @Candytenshi Wouldn't falling through the Earth be impossible? Even if you disregarded the molten rock, once you passed the epicenter of the core, gravity would be acting against you, you would need double the force of gravity to continue to the other side wouldn't you?

  8. #946392015-11-26 06:57:17Candytenshi said:

    Yeah you'd be like a pendulum stuck inside the tunnel. I just thought it was an interesting theory scientists studied. Refer to this one, among the many, many articles about it.

    Also, please learn to reply to the actual post next time by clicking on the time stamp.

  9. #950762015-12-06 05:46:18Kinnear said:

    LASER is an acronym. It stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".

    Also, if you like random facts, subscribe to Matthew Santoro on YouTube.