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  1. Beautiful Norway

    #948612015-12-01 14:10:31 *Farris said:

    Greetings! In this thread I'll post different things (Videoes, articles etc.) related to my motherland; Norway. It'll also be open for questions, but posts unrelated to Norway will be removed! Now, I hope this thread might catch your interest, and I hope you'll visit this breathtakingly beautiful country, Norway!

  2. #948622015-12-01 14:12:20 *Farris said:

    Do you remember "What does the fox say?" Well, here's another video of them for you! (It is texted, most of the things on their channel is, just press the subtitles icon in the bottom right side of the video)

  3. #949142015-12-02 10:59:58EvoRulz said:

    Anyone who has seen "The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy" this is immediately what i think of when norway is mentioned XD, hope it's relevant '

  4. #950282015-12-05 01:35:46Koushiro said:

    The closest i remember norway is when my dad bought me a book called "Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest" by Matt Haig, when I was young, and there's ton of things related to Norway. And i was craving for what they call, Gjetost cheese(if i remember correctly), they described it as a soft,goat cheese that tasted so good you'll want more.

  5. #950412015-12-05 08:00:21Farris said:

    @Koushiro Gjetost actually means goat cheese, so when they call it Gjetost cheese, it's basically goat cheese cheese x) Unless I am mistaken we just call it "Brunost"

  6. #950432015-12-05 11:06:25Koushiro said:

    @Farris wahaha sorry, my bad. I dont remember the book quite well since its been so long since ive read it. But everytime i do, i crave for that cheese.

  7. #953762015-12-11 23:54:42Koushiro said:

    Hey @farris. What is Godag and Hell? I read in my book(previously mentioned) that there is a place called hell and i read something about godag but i forgot what. (-3-)

  8. #953912015-12-12 06:28:46 *Farris said:

    Indeed @Koushiro Hell is a city/town in Norway, here's a wiki link

    Godag? Unsure if you're referring to the expression "God dag" which just means "Good day". Can you be a little more specific? :)

    Thank you for your questions ^^

  9. #1074512016-10-05 17:27:08 *Farris said:

    So apparently, the Prime Minister made the parliament laugh with a clever comment today.

    There's no texting so here is the translation:

    Man: Good president, this almost feels like standing in the boxing ring against Prime Minister Erna Solberg, but those who meet me in the ring probably wouldn't fear a bloody knockout...

    Woman (Erna Solberg): First of all, I'd just like to say that in the boxing ring the delegate would have the advantage, that he would never have met me because we are in different weight classes, while politics are a bit more egalitarian. Back to the question about child benefit.