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  1. Magical Banana

    #949032015-12-02 09:40:05Enami said:

    Well, i guess Gintama fans (or generally people who know this game lol) would have already got what this game is all about, but i'm gonna explain how it geos for those who haven't : This is a word association game and here's how it will go :

    The OP posts a word, then, the next person who replies posts what word they think of, when they see that word. And so on.

    -Example :

    "If you say, banana, i think 'yellow' " (that's how it begins) "if you say yellow, i think girrafe"

    So here i begin ^^:

    If you say, banana, i think yellow

  2. #949282015-12-02 14:58:06 *Enami said:

    Awww U-U I searched for this thread if it already exists but didn't find anything. How can i delete my thread btw?