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Parent: The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #950042015-12-04 14:48:23Kirn said:

    Warning, this next post is borderline NSFW.

    Found two AMVs, completely different, but really, all about getting some...

    So okay, this one, appropriately called "Boys' Life" is AMV for... game Devil May Cry 4. You know, the one where we played Dante's copycat for some reason. And, if that's not weird enough, music is "Sex Bomb" parodied by Palast Orchester. Let me tell you right away, video got properly added effects to get the right feel, but pacing of video and music are not matching well. But really, this is epic just for the weirdness of it.

    Disgusting that was, right? Well, here is AMV that can be a direct reply to that: music is "Take A Hint" by Victorious, and it's a whole mix of various animes. This one got great rhythm and pacing, and is just a short blast of fun. And a pretty clear explanation that you shouldn't grab girl's ti... Well, just watch it, really.