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  1. Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

    #950592015-12-05 19:05:03ccc said:

    These stories you tell here are the kind you tell everybody yuuuuuh!!!!!!!

    Yesterday I was taking my friend to work because no one could take him,so im driving on the highways with my friend and we are just talking listening to music,you know good stuff.Next thing you know out of the blue I see something , you know what i saw? It was a GT-R(2015),it was so dope I tried to catch up but my V6 Altima couldn't catch up,it was too dope

    The End

  2. #950632015-12-06 00:26:22 *udonge said:

    This took place when i was 18 years old and just go my driving licence for 2 month.

    I was driving out to go to a shop when suddenly i saw 2 guy with a motorbike snatch thief this one aunty. The place was void of people except for them at that time. When they saw my car, they immediately speed off from the place.

    I try to chase them with my car at that time and I almost hit them. I really was planning to hit their motorbike with my car. When i got close enough, those guy make a sharp turn into a small lane that i cant follow.

    I never really know what happen to that case and as for the plate number of the motorbike you ask? There was only half of it, so i only get half the number. Afterward, when i went back to the aunty's place, a lot of people has surround and comfort her. ;-;

  3. #950722015-12-06 05:18:27Koushiro said:

    About two hours ago....

    Running downstairs so I can catch up with the dorm breakfast. While running down, i tripped and fell down the stairs, like riding a sled without the sled.

    Also side note, my freaking roommates, instead of helping me...laugh first. Atleast i got five portions of bacon and pancakes that they gave me! Hue.

  4. #951272015-12-07 15:29:57 *Cloud-VK said:

    This one time, in high school, my geometry teacher came into class ten minutes after the bell and threw all of tests from the previous day all over the room, and went off on our class. Cause, every single person failed the test. I had my head down on my desk, then outta nowhere he yelled, "You see this!" He slammed a paper down on my desk, which made me jump up, then he yelled, "Tuning got a fucking 98 and all he does is sleep!!!!" he looked me in the eyes and said, "You go back to sleep Tuning."

    Well it's not like I was going argue with that.

  5. #951382015-12-08 02:18:53 *Deftones said:

    I'm a shit story teller but:

    Time for the story of liquid courage.

    So a friend and I were going to a steel panther concert that was set up at a club, we had VIP tickets, paid good money for these tickets and found out they were real shitty.

    They let us in with a group of other "VIP's" and hour early to meet and greet the band, get band merch and all that. They only let the whole group have two beers each, and there was no back stage access. Being the Australians we are, after the two beers were finished, we wanted more, and people started asking where to get more beer. I was pissed off that we couldn't go back stage.

    So I started thinking, these people wanted more beer, I wanted to go back stage, so I shouted "More beers this way!" and they followed me backstage, this is when I hid in the toilets giggling because the security were shitting themselves seeing all these people going where they shouldn't go.

    Then my friend and I played drunk ninja trying to see how far backstage we could go, till we got right behind the band, then we shat ourselves because we didn't want to get kicked out. Security was real shitty at this event.

    Anyway, the concert was on and I was heavily drunk with +30 Charisma and I went outside for a smoke, only to find that some racist asshole was having a go at the black security guard, I thought this was a good time to make friends with the bouncers. The black guy was ready to kick the racists ass, I was all "Don't do it man! it's not worth losing your job over this" blacky backed off, racist got away. So now I was friends with security.

    A bunch of girls who didn't have tickets wanted to get in, I told them I could get them in, being friends with the bouncers, I got these girls in. Lost them instantly, didn't get laid.

    Anyway, that's my shitty told story of how alcohol can make your night an adventure.

  6. #951502015-12-08 12:04:49Koushiro said:

    So this is a story about how shitty today was.

    Went to the internet service provider office to fix issues about the internet, they have heater, no heat. Had to snuggle with my coat and then this old man said, alright your internet is back after two hours. Slightly happy, i went back to the dorm maintenance office to update the situation, yada yada yada, everything is fix, went back to room.

    Opened my tablet to see, oh wow! The internet is still not freaking reconnected. Went back to maintenance office just to get told to do a bunch of freaky stuff on the wires, routers, gateways and all those boring stuff. Four hours later (plus lunch) internet was back on and running.

    Being super annoyed at how the day has been, went out to the convenience store, bought a bunch of icecream and ate like theres no tomorrow, hunger 100% glutton achieved.

    Thought the day couldnt get any worse than what it was, my demon sister Nana messaged me and kept whining about leaving skype and changing to Line so she could get a bunch of stickers that she wanted and had to send a whole list of schedule like pickeng her up at the airport and spending the holiday in the family house, which only dust residents are on it.

    Too tired to reply she got mad berserk and told dad to make me go to mom's place so she could "Lovingly hug" her younger brother.

    Ps. Thats murder in her language.

  7. #951682015-12-08 18:51:59Enami said:

    Aaand just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you banged your head against a tube... quite an unlucky day i guess ..U-U

  8. #951592015-12-08 15:49:27 *Lieutenant said:

    I have this 'friend' of mine who lives in delusion, he made Facebook accounts of a Caucasian and a Japanese woman (which he said are his 'sisters') and starts storytelling in the statuses, make-believe that these twos are actually real, even used pictures from the internet to represent them. He'll update statuses on these accounts once in a while or daily even, as if these girls are living hell of a life you can't imagine, you will envy these women, wishing you have girlfriends like them and such. You know what's the best part is? People actually believed that they exist, they got tricked a hundred percent and here I am enjoying the 'stories'.

    And how do I know they don't exist? They never appear in real life, like sometimes they update statuses talking about 'going' to cons and take pictures for proof even but the fact is that the pictures are all caught by the guy, one should always post a picture of themselves during the con if they really want people to believe they're legit, which in this case, they never do. They claimed that they are living in the US timezones, but totally said "morning" during the morning where I live, which is like 12 hours away, oh dear Lord. Oh also because the Caucasian one claimed that her native language is Russian but messed up all her Russian language when replying to me.

    I get that there's such thing you called as roleplaying but this.. nah it's not even close, they're just bluntly fooling people into thinking they're real, and these people are full of dreams and hopes that they are real, which is a pretty sad and pitiful sight.

    Now I can't wait for that part where the guy will find this post one day and feel stupid of himself. I'm tired of seeing all those cringy posts.

  9. #951852015-12-09 00:37:56ImmaculateSable said:

    Back when the "rubberband+paper" thing was in I used it on my unsuspecting sister and had hit her in the stomach, thus her farting ever so loudly.

  10. #952032015-12-09 08:36:04 *Koushiro said:

    This is a boring day, planning to get some caramel milk from the vending machine, money got eaten, settled for a warm red bean drink instead. Yuck.

  11. #952232015-12-09 14:08:51 *Enami said:

    Last year i was with my friend waiting for the teacher to enter the class, and some male classmate next to us was joking around with his friend and they talked about hentai freely, they were laughing because they thought we were clueless.. aand I was not .. so it was pretty awkward for me..(they thought no one would understand what that is since anime is not really popular here, there are some fans but most people don't even know what that is) aand that's how i knew he liked anime and i guess we got along pretty fine after that.. >.> well that was an awkward way of discovering he's an anime fan ....

  12. #952672015-12-10 06:41:32 *Koushiro said:

    Today, I had a brief of time, so I just wasted (but enjoyed) my time on watching some theories about Dont hug me i'm scared. It is a web series that focuses on different topics each webisode. So far it has five wep and I am quite enjoying watching it. Also on a side note, I went to the market and saw "Taro crisps", they are like potato crisps, but they are made from a food called Taro which idk what it was, so ate it and felt really really full, so I had to go and watch some clips again about theories. I dont know, there is something about them that fascinates me.


    Also, feeling like a stalker, i refreshed the main page multiple times to see if @enami messaged me. So far, none.


  13. #958122015-12-17 22:17:50Enami said:

    Today, a teacher i dislike decided to check our notebooks that we use to prepare for lessons for the next class, so being the model student that i am, i don't even have it.. because i'm not gonna use it anyway so why bother? >.> well he always tells us that he's gonna check our lessons copybook and this one too, but he raarely deos that; almost never, so that was quite unexpected, he suddenly went mad and decided to call us by the order of our list to check it, and those who didn't prepare just asked others who did and copied what they needed to, but me... i don't have it so what do i do? obviously nothing, so i just wait for my turn preparing myself for the innocent act, well i didn't really care either way but i thought why not try out my luck by playing the model student that i appear to be? since it's a lot of trouble afterwards to get the ticket we need to be able to enter our classes again once we miss a class or get kicked out in one, well when my turn approached i was waiting for him to call my name, but he didn't, he said :"aand there's some excellent female students here who got the top scores in the last exam (females, because actually in my class the most quiet and polite and good students with good results are females) so i'm not gonna waste my time checking them", so he skipped us O-O well i guess good thing i got the top score, since he immediately assume i'm the typical hard-working quiet student even though i'm not even trying to keep up that image O~O it happens to me way too often, i guess i just look really serious and innocent lol xD

  14. #958132015-12-17 23:41:18 *Cloud-VK said:

    The first day of school after our prom, junior year, was a funny one.

    Shit, when down at the junior prom.

    I sat next to the puerto rican girl from my art class I had a crush on. She was really cute and super shy. She didn't have that many friends and I really didn't know her then. But, after a little flirting I found out that she was a big anime fan, and we really connected. We talked anime for about an hour, before I got the courage to ask her to dance. We had a hell of a time, might a been a little rough at first, but she was a great dancer. I get all hot and bothered, just thinking about that night.

    But anyway, at school the next Monday, in art class. It was normal, totally silent until the teacher when out to get some papers. Then one of the blond girls from our table at prom spoke up. She was like, "How do yall do it?"

    Well everyone looked at her,and then she said, "You two are sneaky" she motioned between us, and we exchanged some confused looks, "You'd never know"

    "What?" (I said)

    "I had no idea you guys were together until I saw yall at prom."

    And the girl freaked out! She started waving her arms and shouted, "Were not together!"

    The blush on her face was amazing! I was dying of laughter, but then it got a hundred times funnier. That blond girl looked so damned confused but then she said, "Yall just hooked up at prom!? DAAAMN you were getting down girl!"

    I'll never forget that blush, it was just way too perfect.

  15. #961342015-12-23 16:50:12 *Enami said:

    Well i had 2 classes (3 hours) to attend this evening, after an hour of science, it was time for 2 hours of math ==" well we heard then that the teacher was absent, and i was so happy but doubtful at the same time, i tried not to get my hopes up too high, but later it was pretty obvious that he wasn't there as we were told by some students that he's definitely absent and after the time for the start of the class passed he was nowhere to be found.

    So i assumed he was absent and was excited to leave with my friend but i preferred asking before doing that, so we asked about him but we didn't know his name O~O and we were like well that math teacher in the 14th class, then the guard told us :hmm well isn't that teacher the one blah blah blah? and we said yeah that one, then he replied; well he's here isn't he? while pointing out to our teacher who just arrived, we were speechless from the shock lol and i were like inside: Noooooooooo! you can't do this to me waaaah QAQ but outside: Oh! there he is~ since the teacher was near and could hear us i had to play the role pfft x)

    I was so disappointed and i felt like running away lol xD of course i wouldn't do that though =p until he said well you don't want to study? (meaning this class) some were like yeah >-> and other good kids were all like of course not, we want to!! and i just averted my eyes because even as acting that wasn't easy to say xD then he said: well you can go... ,and almost everyone started jumping around and disappeared from there in a sec haha while i tried to keep my cool and act neutral to the situation :D this was a good day~ ^^ and what's more the next two days are free!! thanks to an islamic holiday xD Wheeeee!!! >w<

  16. #966212015-12-30 14:14:08Enami said:

    Umm today i was really surprised that a teacher who deosn't even usually take the time to listen to students's excuses, like if you didn't do something, you didn't that's all i don't wanna hear your excuse, but he listened to me and even asked me why i didn't do some stuff, he was really surprised he was like checking out our notebooks and calling names then each student go up to him and show him his homework, and when it was my tun and i said i didn't have it he stood up and he said what? how could that be? lol so i lied (of course, i had to) and he totally believed me and was like, you're a good girl so i believe you or something then continued saying that my parents raised me right haha, and he asked my friend if i'm always like this not just in class and she said yes pfft xD

    Omg why is he trusting me so much and talking about me as if i'm a saint? O~O am i that good at acting?? :"D

  17. #966292015-12-30 17:52:07Koushiro said:

    Boring day, went to the hospital to fetch some medicine then before i go home, i went to buy mandarins and pears. It might be a boring day, but i atleast got pears! ^-^

  18. #966962015-12-31 18:13:25 *Enami said:

    Soo 2 days ago, we had an exam in gym.. yeah pfft so it was about running a short distance in the shortest time you can, and i was the second fastest girl, well i'm saying my rank only between girls since it would be unfair to include guys who did a slightly different distance, ..i always have a slow start gosh.. i always space out for a sec before running =="

    Well the girls started first then guys did the exam after them, and girls felt uncomfortable because guys were all watching them from behind to check girls out, and of course we knew some would spout out unnecessary comments and the like especially at the start of the race... So we decided to cooperate and form a wall behind each girl when it's her turn lol xD

    And today morning, in philosophy class, the teacher told me to read the text we were umm discussing.. but once i started, the teacher immediately stopped me, and i was confused then he said : .. slowly.. no one is running after you pfft someone shouted "news reprter" and everyone cracked up that's actually pretty spot on hahaha i forgot to pay attention to that since i'm used to talking fast, it happens to me way too often U.U so i started again while trying my best to read slowly, but still not really slowly just less fast, because i can't read really slow >.< and just as i finished reading, the teacher suddenly shouted: You!! while pointing to me Bless you! actually "bless you" is not accurate it's just somehow close since i can't litteraly translate it, the words he used were more intense that it seemed like he was going to swear at me in the beginning lol

    I decided to ask him before i left class why he suddenly said that, and he said something like my way of reading was good, and because i'm respectful and stuff pfft x)

  19. #968102016-01-03 02:37:51Koushiro said:

    This happened few days ago.

    So i had to go to the school to get my worksheets printed out (worksheets are what we use to write hangul in and in an essay/story form to cultivate our creativity, some sort of project). I was expecting like a two page worksheet to work with since that is what we normally do, but no, the teacher decided to up it this time and decided to give us FIVE worksheets. Also, to make it a bit easier, she also gave us vokale and konson (vowel and consonant) index cards so that we can "Widen our Vocabulary."

    2016.....Livin' the dream.