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Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1. #969442016-01-05 14:52:47Rinneko said:

    I was putting on my contact lenses today. I slipped in my left one, but something felt odd. I swiped at my eye a few times to check if my lens was successfully in, but it was not (so I ended up causing myself pain).

    I checked the surrounding floor: nothing there. I checked the sink: nothing. I even checked my hair: nothing there. Guess where it was? It was clinging on for its dear life on to my towel.

  2. #973852016-01-13 13:59:18 *Cloud-VK said:

    Back in November, I was meeting this girl at a con, and when I finally tracked down the panel she was in, I waited outside. Well when the damn thing finally ended and people were leaving the room, I swear I was watching that crowd like a hawk, but next thing I know someone punched me in the gut, I knew who hit me before I looked down, but before I could say hi, she said,"I'm not that fucking short! You were looking right at me! I was waving my arms and everything!"

    It was ...the cutest thing ever O///o

  3. #974042016-01-13 22:29:32 *Enami said:

    So a while ago, i met an ex-classmate i used to be best friends with in fourth grade (elemnentary school) well here's the background story first: we kinda ended the year with a fight (not physically, just ended the friendship) she was suddenly mad at me for a ridiculously stupid reason, so i was like you wanna stop being friends? okay whatever you want, then i changed schools (i had to, not because of her) so because she lives pretty near my house, i saw her often after a while but i just kept ignoring her since she was the one to initiate the ending of our relationship, i felt that it wouldn't be right to suddenly go talk to her so i just did that.

    And now i'm in my first year of high school, and we got in the same school and she became one of my friends's friend, so i ...had to talk to her this time since it would have been way too awkward and unnatural if i didn't, and i was surprised to learn that she was waiting for me to approach her for all this time and she was pretty upset that i ignored her, well after that talk i thought it's time to stop ignoring her but i did it again and the timing just wasn't right anymore after that :'D so i'm gonna keep doing that forever lol

    If i wanted to actually return to being friends i wouldn't give up just because "it would be awkward to talk to her now" it's just that she's not worth the trouble for me now since i'm not really the same person i was in fourth grade :3

  4. #977112016-01-18 13:28:32Enami said:

    So there was this day i was walking oon the streets and the place seemed completely empty you would see someone every now and then from far away, but it was empty O-O

    So i was walking slowly while humming, then i started singing and it started becoming louder and louder without really noticing, i was just nonchalantly singing, i didn't pay attention to how loud i was ( i wasn't really that loud but enough for everyone who's close to me to hear) because it was empty anyway and i was in my own world lol :'D

    Then i did a playful kinda full turn, and midway i found out that there was a man walking behind me all that time ...O///O and i was so embarrassed that i started walking faster (as usual, i walk fast normally) and he misunderstood my reaction >=> and he was like Wait! don't be scared! i have a daughter that's the same age as you.. O~O i didn't even consider him dangerous at all i just looked at him with a shocked expression and was like .. Ok (O_O)

  5. #977962016-01-21 15:49:28 *Enami said:

    In 6th grade (elementary school) we used to play tag in breaks, at first girls would chase guys, then guys would chase girls, but i only play at the first part, because i prefer chasing lol and they were okay with that >->

    So this one time we were playing then it was guys's turn to chase so i was leaving and this classmate who didn't know about it suddenly grabbed my shoulder and turned me around and as a defense mechanism without even meaning to ..i slapped him .. we just stared at each other for some secs both shocked :") he had a mark (a red hand shape) on his face for the whole day O_O) i didn't even get the chance to apologize properly... i was speechless, we both were so he didn't even ask why or something lol

  6. #978112016-01-21 18:21:41Cloud-VK said:

    One time in elementary school, I beat up a kid cause he talked bad about my mom, then when she got to the school we sat down it the principals office and the principal told her what happend, and I'll never forget how my mom looked at him and said, and you want me to punish him?

  7. #978442016-01-22 07:32:37EvoRulz said:

    Stayed up till 6am watching "7 deadly sins" shonen with some friends, then walked home 2 hours in the rain XD

  8. #978452016-01-22 07:55:29Enami said:

    I usually zone out a lot, and i can be pretty slow ._.)

    So this time as a kid, i was going out with my family, i was walking beside them while they were busy chatting and laughing, then suddenly an old woman held my hand and pulled me along, i just followed along without resisting or anything and kept looking at her, i honestly don't know what was wrong with me atm lol then thankfully my older cousin (in her twenties) noticed and grabbed my other hand and she pulled me strongly towards her, and she was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? (to the woman) my family was weirded out and i was just confused at the whole situation.

    Well because of me spacing out a lot, i get almost run over by some vehicle almost daily so i don't get sursprised anymore really i just get amused at how close it was to actually hit me, a lot of these times i would have been dead if i moved a second late maybe, and almost every friend of mine has saved my life at least once, by pulling me or just getting me to notice that i'm going to be run over, my friend who i've gotten to know this year, got shocked at first when that happened and she managed to quickly pull me and i started laughing, she was like "don't you get scared?" lol

  9. #1078552016-11-03 06:39:29 *Cyth said:

    So, they were announcing our scores on messenger earlier and I didn't know what was that so I asked what were the numbers for. I couldn't remember anything about our finals anymore but there's one thing I know, I didn't study (was even sleeping during discussions).

    I typed, "Oh damn. I was so tanga and bobo back then. I didn't notice the illustration at the back of the paper so I probably failed." and sent it. Then I received a couple of "tigilan mo nga kami", "tanginas" and "wtf are you serious?"... They sent an image of my marked examination paper and our scores... and they said if I saw and answered the illustration part, I would be the highest and not the second one.

  10. #1078572016-11-03 09:57:27MarkovAlgeroth said:

    The story I (contextually) tell everyone is the first time I had alcohol.
    I was about 6 (wait until the end of the story to judge) and I was at my grand parents house with my extended and immediate family. My parents were fucking around and gave me something spicy to eat, so I asked my older cousin (around 12) to quickly get me some apple juice from the fridge.
    So she finds a bottle in the fridge labeled 'apple juice' and pours me a glass. Quick as I can, I pick it up and take a few gulps. You know what colour apple juice is? Orange-yellow. You know what colour cheap whiskey is? Orange-yellow.
    Don't ask my why my grand parents had whiskey in an apple juice bottle in the fridge; to this day I do not know why. But that will always be by first encounter with alcohol, and I tell it to everyone when the conversation subject gets there.

  11. #1078762016-11-04 00:54:58mizlily said:

    A homeless man sat across from me on the train and started masturbating while screaming. I just did next most illogical thing by closing my eyes and pretended I was asleep. He was still screaming,

    it was horrifying.

  12. #1078872016-11-04 12:40:44 *BakaHime said:

    I wanted to react as hyper as pervic did but he beat me to it so have this really plain laugh instead, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH.

  13. #1097272017-03-25 05:57:49piggu said:

    i got 5 dollars as a tip for doing my job. i am so happy today. also orange juice is the meaning of happiness for today. thx based god

  14. #1100392017-04-12 05:47:27 *ccc said:

    Alright so this one day at work sometime around 5am ,I was getting ready to leave .A store employee opens the main sliding doors to let herself in ,thought she was a regular employee like myself thought nothing of it .Well all morning/night it had been raining ,so of course at the front of the glass sliding doors there was a whole lot of water ,the amount that you could slip and hurt yourself ,so as I see her walk in and get to the front desk unharmed I jokingly said "You should have slipped when you still had the chance " You know sort of like a "You could have got some sort of Workers compensation type of joke"

    Well guess what happened next?Well I'll have yall know it became very awkward.

    She then answers to my joke :" No it wouldn't be good " So I thought: " That would suck specially if seriously injured " At this moment I start to walk away as she starts to say :"It's not a very good idea to tell that to your operating manager" This moment I was just like"Fuck,it was just a joke " so I tell her:"It was just a joke" and go about my way to clock out because I work over night

    Well I started thinking " Well I'm about to get fired " two weeks pass by and here we are ,I check my schedule online.They typically have four weeks of your schedule in advance ,all I got is this week's and next week's ,the third week is blank, no fourth week posted ,well looks like I might be getting terminated

    I regret nothing

  15. #1102312017-04-25 15:44:43 *BakaHime said:

    I have very bad habits. Like Enamo, I space out. A whole lot. It's mostly because of lack of sleep though, if I concentrate I can snap out of it. Since I'm lazy and think of nothing but sleep, I usually don't. :V

    When walking around, I usually use the same routes all the time because if I don't I would probably faint or fall over or something. My body relies on memory, you see. Where I've walked before, how I got somewhere, I don't usually think while walking on the way. I only think of the route I need to take then I just go there, hoping I would magically get to wherever I need to go. If I used a different route there's a high chance I would uh... fall asleep >_> I don't know how that happens, it's just.. when I'm somewhere unfamiliar I get suuuuuper sleepy. That's why I make it a habit to explore places when I've gotten enough sleep, otherwise I would fall asleep somewhere at an unknown corner.

    Anyway, one day when I was at another school to represent my school for general info (some kinda small quiz shit whatever, I didn't get to answer any of them in the end so ye), and I was trying to remember where I was going but since I wasn't looking ahead, I lost my coach. Hah. It was horrible. I was at an unfamiliar school, and was about to pass out. It was right before that exhausting project we had too so I had 0 motivation to do anything let alone stay awake. So I passed out. :^D I was sitting down and there was a table right in front of me, it was great. I woke up to the sound of students exiting their classrooms to go have lunch. It was funny, they kept looking at me.

  16. #1102332017-04-25 18:32:18lordhappyface said:

    I hope this counts as something I can post here!

    So I live in Los Angeles which is close to Malibu. My friend and I were driving in his car up in the mountains near Malibu. I was driving at first but then he wanted to drive. Anyways, as soon as he starts driving he starts to smoke weed. Me being the genius I am let him get high as a kite. We were going about 60-70 when all of a sudden we see a t intersection. He tried to slam on the breaks but we went up and over the side of a 20 foot cliff. Luckily the only injury was he cut his hand climbing out the broken window.

    Life lesson don't let someone who is super high drive.

  17. #1105642017-05-16 01:43:10Sheep said:

    Last night I had this terrible headache + a very nauseous feeling. I couldn't get up and continue my finals projects with that. I tried sleeping it off, maybe it could lessen the pain but it didn't. I didn't have any medicine with me and was desperate... desperate enough to grab this voodoo doll keychain attached to my bag.

    First of all, I don't believe in witchy things. Second, my religion is against those stuff. But I was desperate (and crazy). Tho yeah, I grabbed the doll and kept telling it to pass this bad feeling to my prof who was my first class in the morning. This doll had a tag (now lost) that said it would keep me safe from things that make my life hard. One of my finals project was this game design thing that was my first class. And yeah, it did somewhat make my life hard... I still think I'm crazy, however.

    After that, I fell asleep then woke up 2 hours later feeling better tho I still feel sick. I did my finals project tho not much was done since I was tired so I just went to bed.

    The following day, which is today, I woke up quite better. Prepared for school and stuff, then left home. As I arrived here in school, our class representative messaged us. Said that our prof won't be coming due to feeling sick. I dunno whether to regard that as coincidence shit or I should be afraid. Afraid that the doll really does work? Or I'm still crazy...

    help me