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Parent: Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1. #950632015-12-06 00:26:22 *udonge said:

    This took place when i was 18 years old and just go my driving licence for 2 month.

    I was driving out to go to a shop when suddenly i saw 2 guy with a motorbike snatch thief this one aunty. The place was void of people except for them at that time. When they saw my car, they immediately speed off from the place.

    I try to chase them with my car at that time and I almost hit them. I really was planning to hit their motorbike with my car. When i got close enough, those guy make a sharp turn into a small lane that i cant follow.

    I never really know what happen to that case and as for the plate number of the motorbike you ask? There was only half of it, so i only get half the number. Afterward, when i went back to the aunty's place, a lot of people has surround and comfort her. ;-;