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Parent: Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1. #958122015-12-17 22:17:50Enami said:

    Today, a teacher i dislike decided to check our notebooks that we use to prepare for lessons for the next class, so being the model student that i am, i don't even have it.. because i'm not gonna use it anyway so why bother? >.> well he always tells us that he's gonna check our lessons copybook and this one too, but he raarely deos that; almost never, so that was quite unexpected, he suddenly went mad and decided to call us by the order of our list to check it, and those who didn't prepare just asked others who did and copied what they needed to, but me... i don't have it so what do i do? obviously nothing, so i just wait for my turn preparing myself for the innocent act, well i didn't really care either way but i thought why not try out my luck by playing the model student that i appear to be? since it's a lot of trouble afterwards to get the ticket we need to be able to enter our classes again once we miss a class or get kicked out in one, well when my turn approached i was waiting for him to call my name, but he didn't, he said :"aand there's some excellent female students here who got the top scores in the last exam (females, because actually in my class the most quiet and polite and good students with good results are females) so i'm not gonna waste my time checking them", so he skipped us O-O well i guess good thing i got the top score, since he immediately assume i'm the typical hard-working quiet student even though i'm not even trying to keep up that image O~O it happens to me way too often, i guess i just look really serious and innocent lol xD