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Parent: Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1. #958132015-12-17 23:41:18 *Cloud-VK said:

    The first day of school after our prom, junior year, was a funny one.

    Shit, when down at the junior prom.

    I sat next to the puerto rican girl from my art class I had a crush on. She was really cute and super shy. She didn't have that many friends and I really didn't know her then. But, after a little flirting I found out that she was a big anime fan, and we really connected. We talked anime for about an hour, before I got the courage to ask her to dance. We had a hell of a time, might a been a little rough at first, but she was a great dancer. I get all hot and bothered, just thinking about that night.

    But anyway, at school the next Monday, in art class. It was normal, totally silent until the teacher when out to get some papers. Then one of the blond girls from our table at prom spoke up. She was like, "How do yall do it?"

    Well everyone looked at her,and then she said, "You two are sneaky" she motioned between us, and we exchanged some confused looks, "You'd never know"

    "What?" (I said)

    "I had no idea you guys were together until I saw yall at prom."

    And the girl freaked out! She started waving her arms and shouted, "Were not together!"

    The blush on her face was amazing! I was dying of laughter, but then it got a hundred times funnier. That blond girl looked so damned confused but then she said, "Yall just hooked up at prom!? DAAAMN you were getting down girl!"

    I'll never forget that blush, it was just way too perfect.