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Thread of Compliments

  1. #1059402016-08-09 00:47:42masculyn said:

    @Kinnear is amongst the few people I get excited to see online. He also has a sharp sense of humor and that's something i tend to look for in a friend.

    also I really love this thread because I live and breathe compliments.

  2. #1059942016-08-10 08:16:58 *Jorg said:

    @Qarr is the only person I know who could be both beautiful pretending to be a boy or pretending to be a girl :D

    @Noone you're an idiot for not following the rules ..l. (' - ') .l..

  3. #1059962016-08-10 09:48:06judar said:

    @maryam you are great and i love you and i need everyone to know how good you are tbh ... its a crime they havent sainted u like? rude? ily my brutha

  4. #1060062016-08-10 16:34:43 *masculyn said:

    I tend to think the rules are more like suggestions, Jorg.

    @Maryam is the apple of my eye, the honey in my tea, the sun to my flowers.

    And @Judar is a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

  5. #1060102016-08-10 16:43:07 *Maryam said:

    @PureBoredom will always be my son and I am immensely proud of who he is.

    @Judar is my partner in fucking crime TIL we both get shot by the resistance and die together fighting for what we love: shit talking. Also she's amazing and talented and smart.

    @Masculyn there are no words to describe her sheer beauty but most importantly her character. her body is possessed by an almighty, transcendent being. Her physical form can't contain it, thus it has problems. Nonetheless she is my jewel.