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Thread of Compliments

  1. #1060782016-08-12 15:45:01judar said:

    i was gonna do these as separate posts but fucc it

    @qarr queen of chess ... so kinf and nice and some of the shit you say makes me laugh way more than babe ruth ever could he is jealous of your wit n Superior Humour

    @masculyn an angel ffrom heaven who came to the marine life institute to rescue, rehabilitate, release me from this hell i love you and appreciate you so much you are so kind n make my day so BRIGHT i love hearing ur stories and u appreciate my shit jokes :') im writing essay as you speak just for u because i want you and your children to hydration

    @hooyen DAVE my dude you are such a chill guy like im really glad i get to talk with u and i appreciate ur taste in films and vidya games i cant wait to watch more crazy kdrama/film with you bc you are top banter

    @teil as a fellow emo i respect ur emoness but i want you to feel good and have a good time ALL the time i want every day to be buy one packet of oreos get one free because you are very funny and a cool dood, a real ledge and i like talking to u, ur COOL my guy

    @pureboredom my precious bro, my clown compadre i love talking to u and we have so many stupid memories togetha i wish the best for u and hope you find many masks that grant you good Vibes bc u deserv GOOD VIBE you are too Pure my guy

    @domo HONESTLY my dude i love talking to you we have a lot of shit in common and im so glad we get to talk i love it when we can go from shitty meems to REAL TALK i appreciate that so much dood you are so smart and know many things

    @deftones u r so cool and we are going to start a german harmonicore band just right after i steal an entire guitar so i can feel like k-on irl but SERIOUSLY i appreciate our random chatz and your good humour and im glad u enjoy my commentary on the irl thread it makes me feel like an olympic commentator which is my dream in life now

    theres probably .... more but thats enough sap for One Day im going to go lunch a wall so i feel manly again

  2. #1060802016-08-12 16:06:27 *Hooyen said:

    Well now I feel inclined to make one. K I'm not good at this either so these will be not so good.

    @Judar REN you are so nice and I'm glad we get along so well, IM ALSO THANKFUL THAT YOU PUT UP W ALL MY QUESTIONS ABOUT FATE/GO AND CANT WAIT TO START WATCHING THE SERIES W YOU. Stay cool af, I hope we keep in touch for a while. (At least be there for my first lvl.100.) :)

    @Maryam You're hella nice, not many people have been there in my times of need and actually helped but you have, you're hella great and I somewhat look up to you so THANKS. (prob. gayer than needed but.. shrugs)

    @Teil Yo dad, you better not make one of these back to me because then it'll be gay, but you're the dad that went to the store to get milk and actually came back... 14 years later :') On the real though, you're a pretty nice guy and I enjoy watching cringe comp. videos with you.

    @Qarr eeey, I didn't like you at first because you were roasting me but you turned out to be very nice. I feel like we became way closer than I ever imagined, weird how things work out, huh?

    @Enami you're alright.

    Omg how could I forget this, after all this thread is all about the succ.

  3. #1060832016-08-12 17:55:18judar said:

    this entire post is so sweet im deceased THE BIG SUCC UR A REAL BRUTHA DAVE ill be there for the borth of ur lvl 100 my boy were gunna do it

  4. #1060902016-08-13 03:01:47Rebel said:

    @Rebel You're the most amazing person in my life, I'm so happy I got to grow up with you, you thought me so much. I don't know how my life would be without you.

  5. #1104532017-05-11 09:44:24 *ccc said:

    @virtuNat you seem nice towards me ,you said I was"cool" when most of everyone finds me boring

    @EvoRulz dope as fuck I wouldnt be King of Kool unless I was dubbed by the,stay dope

    @Lieutenant probably one of the nices members I've ever talked to,for sure even tho we've only talked very little for the past years ,you seem to be genuinely nice

    @sully I fell really lucky to have you as a friend ,although you were busy with school and your own life ,you seemed to always find time to talk .You don't find too many people like that these days ,for the most part meeting you is probably one of the best thing that could have ever happened to me ,I hope you are doing well

    @zatsunen you are dope ,you were one of few who actualy skyped with me ,it was cool

  6. #1104642017-05-11 10:50:37 *DarkChaplain said:

    I'll go out on a limb here and praise @Kip.

    Did you know that she provided a ton of art for the site? That includes the celebratory Server-tan on the User Guide page that y'all should've read after signing up. I believe the Chorus Enthusiast badge was her work as well, after I failed to come up with a nice look.
    She done did a lot of stuff for CL, and part of me is kinda sad to have missed her Administration. Can't help but appreciate her efforts, knowing how much she had to deal with off-site.
    She's also been a great friend and I've enjoyed talking to her, no matter how sporadically in recent history, for years. Ever since she appeared, basically. Always quirky and fun, that young lady.

    This sounds like a bit of a eulogy, doesn't it? That's probably because I mourn her absence. There are few people who I actually dearly miss, but @Kip is one of those.

    Another one would be @johan_5179. This definitely has a feeling of last words to me, because johan simply disappeared one day.

    He told me he had his story almost finished for the final project I hosted before I quit. Just another day. So I waited for it, and longer than that. But johan never reappeared on the site, on Goodreads, Skype or Steam. He was gone like the wind, taking his great writing work with him. One day he was here, the next he was not. I still do not know what happened to him. It grieved me dearly to lose him, because he had been one of my favorite users for quite some time. Diligent, smart and a good writer.
    I honestly hope that he is somewhere out there, alright and well, and nothing serious happened to cut him off the web for good. I still worry to this day that he might have actually gotten into some kind of accident, rather than made a conscious choice to leave without a trace. Wherever he is, @johan_5179 remains dear to me and I wish him all the best.

    But to end on a not-so-sad note, I want to thank @Rinneko for her attitude, character and smarts.
    She gave me hope for a new generation of folks here, and always stood out to me as one of the most promising youngsters. Though I guess she's not quite so young anymore now, she still holds the same promise she did back then.
    She wrote quite a few intriguing stories for the writing projects, and I've been eager to see more like it. I also consider her a personal friend. She's been nothing but a pleasure to speak to over the years and I appreciate every line of it. @Rinneko is a good kid, a great sidekick and I can only hope that at least one of my future daughters ends up half as cool and clever as her.

    ...Though I'll probably never wrap my head around the non-fiction books she's been reading. I mean, who reads stuff like "The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength" and " The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism"? She'd read anything, I think, as long as it is within reach. I would invite her to my own personal library in a heartbeat and let her browse to her heart's content.

  7. #1104662017-05-11 11:55:48Farris said:

    I would like to compliment @Farris because he's the most amazing and handsome user on CL. He's also probably the most intelligent dude on this site. Thanks for being so amazing @Farris.

  8. #1105112017-05-12 21:57:09 *Lieutenant said:

    I need you guys to know that you have been good friends to me. I appreciate the interactions here more than I ever gotten in real life; its bizarre, open-minded, crazy, interesting and fun altogether. Sure I may have been an asshole, and probably still is, but you guys have given me a reason to stay, and an unforgettable experience on this site. These days, you guys are one of the reasons I'm keeping what's left of my sanity together.

    Thank you, everyone. You're the best.

  9. #1105122017-05-12 21:59:57Farris said:

    Sure I may have been an asshole, and probably still is

    I really can't remember seeing you as an asshole a single fucking time. You're awesome Lt, we're lucky to have you!

  10. #1105152017-05-13 03:48:56Kinnear said:

    I agree with Farris, Lieu. You've been one of my favorite users here for a long time, always a pleasure to see you around.

  11. #1105242017-05-14 09:37:32DarkChaplain said:

    Here's one for @Lieutenant, who I've never consciously experienced ever being mean, or rather, not kind to people. I mean, I've been gone two years, so my awareness has some gaps, but even then I can't fathom anything else.
    She's always been helpful as far as I've seen, even way back when on staff. Maybe she's a bit quiet by nature and doesn't impose herself on others as much as she easily could, but she's never been a burden either. I don't know if it is down to simply her attitude, shyness or something else, but it also makes her comfortable to be around.
    Lieu is also a wizard of art. Hosting that calendar project also shows confidence and dedication.

    I'd say @Lieutenant is dependable and kindhearted, goodnatured and pleasant. I for one am glad she's back on staff nowadays, because things are in good hands with her.

  12. #1105272017-05-14 13:18:12 *Enami said:

    Following the trend and ignoring the rules to dedicate this to my favourite user here.


    I definitely wouldn't call you perfect but even the glimpses I take of your dark side every now and then intrigue me, or resonate with me. The not so kind side in me feels human thanks to that.

    I have mentioned this before but I seriously admire how strong of a person you are, not elaborating on that bc privacy.. But another pleasant quality of yours is maturity.

    In my personal opinion, maturity is all about balance. And you know how to balance between being a playful and cute individual and a much more mature and dependable aneki. I believe that to be your greatest charm. I like how it comes naturally to you, wether you just make it seem that way or not.

    I don't even know you personally so I can confidently say that I'm not being biased when I say you're one of the most pleasant users to be around on chat. I love your sense of humor and I'm a fan of your persona. Thank you for wasting your time here and leaving some hope for Cl.

    Cheers to your brother as well. Kin is one great mod. And speaking of staff:

    • Since coming to this site, I've considered @--Jack-- the most trustworthy and capable staff member. And the most suited to be admin as well, so good thing he got what he deserved.
  13. #1105312017-05-14 15:26:00shafnat said:
    • @Lieutenant is such a big sis to me. I would say that she's also like a big sis to everyone when it comes to the cl chat, acting wise in every condition, so caring and also motivating (i guess to me). I don't have any older sibling or someone else that i feel i can follow his/her steps on living, so i would also say she can be an example for me to follow.

    • @Farris is like, i don't know. had to mention you but there's nothing to compliment. heheheh. well, i guess i would like to hang out with farris like in real life, a really fun guy to talk to. And also the same goes to @Niyoshi

  14. #1115332017-07-24 09:03:07Kuroba_Loki said:

    @Darkchaplain is nice to talk to...when you know what you're talking about hahaha

    Lesse here...

    He is good when it comes to recommending games, books and shows.

    But he tends not to be that sociable, in a sense that he resorts to insults when he doesn't like you. But debates quite well, not making any fallacies in his rebuttals etc.

    Been here for a long time now, goes on and off hahaha

  15. #1164472019-06-07 11:15:23sully said:

    @ccc Reactivated this account and i just read this ;A: I know i havent kept in touch and that's mostly trying to sort out my own shit I do miss you <3 and hope that you see this ORZ Would love to catch up with you