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  1. The Colorless Post of the Year [2015]

    #960642015-12-22 22:47:14 *--Jack-- said:

    2015 is coming to an end!

    So why not have a review over the past year's posts from our users! Feel free to nominate others' posts that you find funny, helpful, impressive, etc. And do read the rules below:

    • You cannot nominate your own post, including using alts to do so.

    • You must only nominate a post that has been made in 2015.

    • Do post a link to the nominated post, and a screenshot of it if you want.

    • No chat screenshots. The nominated posts must be from the Forum. (Threads, comments, or Sub-posts only).

    • Posts with spoilers, overly nsfw content, etc may be removed at staff's discretion based on the severity.

    • Locked Threads and posts that no longer exist may not be nominated as they were locked/removed for a reason.

    • You may nominate as many posts as you want.

    The winner(s) will probably get a rabu badge, or a new badge may be made, either way you'll be listed as the winner in the OP. It'll most likely be based on public appeal (as in marking a post as helpful since that "likes" the post) of the nominations on this thread.

    And FYI, the winner is the person who made the post, not who posted the nomination.

    Posting a Link to a Post

    As you all should know, the Markdown format for a link is:

    [Link Text](Url of link)

    And to get a direct link to a specific post, just find the post number associated with it:

    Do you also like that post? Show your support by clicking the "Mark as Helpful" link under the nomination:

    Who will win Post of the year? Stay Tuned...

  2. #961762015-12-24 06:25:04 *Kirn said:

    I think I should also nominate this post and thread by @--Jack--

    Filling in that project niche after DC probably wasn't easy. But even though most stories sucked horribly, project was implemented and done properly, so yeah, this is example of good job.