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Parent: Real Life Stories YOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1. #961342015-12-23 16:50:12 *Enami said:

    Well i had 2 classes (3 hours) to attend this evening, after an hour of science, it was time for 2 hours of math ==" well we heard then that the teacher was absent, and i was so happy but doubtful at the same time, i tried not to get my hopes up too high, but later it was pretty obvious that he wasn't there as we were told by some students that he's definitely absent and after the time for the start of the class passed he was nowhere to be found.

    So i assumed he was absent and was excited to leave with my friend but i preferred asking before doing that, so we asked about him but we didn't know his name O~O and we were like well that math teacher in the 14th class, then the guard told us :hmm well isn't that teacher the one blah blah blah? and we said yeah that one, then he replied; well he's here isn't he? while pointing out to our teacher who just arrived, we were speechless from the shock lol and i were like inside: Noooooooooo! you can't do this to me waaaah QAQ but outside: Oh! there he is~ since the teacher was near and could hear us i had to play the role pfft x)

    I was so disappointed and i felt like running away lol xD of course i wouldn't do that though =p until he said well you don't want to study? (meaning this class) some were like yeah >-> and other good kids were all like of course not, we want to!! and i just averted my eyes because even as acting that wasn't easy to say xD then he said: well you can go... ,and almost everyone started jumping around and disappeared from there in a sec haha while i tried to keep my cool and act neutral to the situation :D this was a good day~ ^^ and what's more the next two days are free!! thanks to an islamic holiday xD Wheeeee!!! >w<