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  1. The Typography Thread

    #963992015-12-27 08:27:05 *Lieutenant said:


    Typography is one of the most powerful aspect of visual that can be rendered around that is learnt in the studies of Graphic Design, it's one of the tool that is given advantages to the Designers to strengthen their artwork aside from having just visual aids.

    This is the thread where you may post anything regarding typography, in terms of information, learning source and all the trivias you want to share to the others.

    To make it more fun, you may also post funny/interesting pictures/gifs/videos of typography (or typo in general yes).

    Have fun.

  2. #965082015-12-28 08:54:46Lieutenant said:

    So I tried this, and this is how I write spontaneously


    and this is how it is when made into a font


    (It's so difficult to write digitally)

  3. #966032015-12-30 06:06:27armedzerox said:

    saw a lot of funny typos a lot of times here........ but i tried to upload a picture of it, but it failed and the picture is now gone... almost smashed my head against the wall... T.T

  4. #966092015-12-30 08:51:31armedzerox said:

    that's what i did @lieutenant... but i get to a blank page after i click "upload!" button. i was trying to upload a less then 2mb JPEG file, i thought it matched all the requirement. but... idk

  5. #966102015-12-30 08:53:56armedzerox said:

    maybe instead of JPEG, it must be JPG file... idk.. just a conclusion of mine. the pictures gone now.. will take a picture of typo and try to upload it here in the future. coz i think i will see a lot of those around.

  6. #966142015-12-30 09:27:49Lieutenant said:

    Sometimes I get that too, sometimes it's the bad connection, I just usually try upload it elsewhere and put a link here yeah

  7. #966242015-12-30 16:00:30Rinneko said:

    System fonts are known for not being very aesthetically pleasing.

    A factor that largely contributes to this is that they have been optimised for screen legibility, which necessitates the exclusion of fine details. They all also overused, due to their default availability.

    Some fonts, such as Arial, generally cause people to cringe.

    Here are some subjectively tolerable system fonts:

    • Avenir (Mac)

    • Baskerville (Mac)

    • Bell MT

    • Cal­i­forn­ian FB

    • Cal­isto MT

    • Cen­tury School­book

    • Franklin Gothic

    • Gara­mond

    • Gill Sans

    • Gill Sans MT

    • Goudy Old Style

    • Hoe­fler Text

    • Op­tima

    Read more here.

  8. #973082016-01-12 01:04:33 *armedzerox said:

    Okay one more. a friend of mine found this.


    i think this one is a joke since it's the Japanese Proficiency test for foreigners. nevertheless, it is funny, coz it does means that way. lolollol

  9. #995762016-02-23 05:00:13Lieutenant said:

    This is the (ultimate) guide for font pairing, if you're looking for one that is (pretty sure you can find a lot of them on the internet, but alas), so I'll just drop this here