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  1. New Years Resolutions (2016)

    #965432015-12-29 00:48:31 *Rebel said:

    A new year is gonna begin whether you want it or not... So what's your New Years Resolutions?
    Do you want to suck less than you did this year? or do you want to stop stalking that crush and just go talk to her? Maybe you just want to Read more or Draw more, watch anime more, smoke less weed, do less drug whatever it is little as it may be post it here. And when you've completed it check back to this thread and announce that you've fulfill your tasks by permalink it... or maybe that you've fail (which I hope not)

    I know some of you all may think New Years Resolutions are stupid... well that's because you're irresponsible and a sour quitter... Stop being salty...

    (my previous Resolutions were to read 10 books... as requested from DC... I'm on the 9th book... will dc be proud ._. ?)

    Heh... Anyways Happy Earlier New Years CL Strangers

  2. #965442015-12-29 01:54:08Yugure said:

    Why was I beaten to making this thread?!

    So uh, Reb wants to be noticed by DC? This is new

    ...Oh and, to be not scared by new persons

  3. #965582015-12-29 09:48:34 *Rinneko said:

    Ah, oops. I didn't pick up your 2014 thread in my search, @Lieutenant; perhaps due to the unique title. Thank you for pointing it out! :")

    Also, sure. It'll be great if you added a '2016' into your thread title, @Rebel. Thanks!

  4. #965492015-12-29 03:29:08 *EvoRulz said:

    My resolution is to study hard, and stray far away from procrastination for my final year (so far so good already) ^_^ and visit Cyth

  5. #965532015-12-29 07:04:05Kinnear said:

    Stop being a glutton and go back to a regular gym routine. Also get good grades on my relevant faculty application courses.

  6. #965612015-12-29 11:03:12 *Rinneko said:

    my previous Resolutions were to read 10 books... as requested from DC... I'm on the 9th book... will dc be proud ._. ?

    In response,

    "I might be (proud) if he (@Rebel) actually marathon'd and finished the 10th before January 1st."


  7. #966362015-12-30 19:47:06Kiboune said:

    Learn to play guitar
    Improve my terrible English
    Continue to support friendly behavior in CL/ru/ (this year i was terrible at this)
    Exercise more
    Try not to die

  8. #966422015-12-30 21:37:37 *Enami said:

    -Keep my peaceful life O~O

    -Try to get less worked up

    -Not to get depressed about trivial things and only cry when it's necessary.

    -I'll allow myself to get not really great grades this year since i have to enjoy this year while it lasts :3 but that still deosn't mean i can get low scores, so : Not to get lower than 16/20 on my final results, just because i'm being even lazier than before, that deosn't justify getting lower than 16/20 no compromising!

    -Try being more assertive and confrontational when the situation needs that, but still not fight over stupid things or argue with someone for a reason that's not convincing enough.

    -Learn some other foreign languages even if it's just some words.

    -Learn some kanji

    -Read a book/a novel

    -Get better at push-ups

  9. #966862015-12-31 15:09:11Trev said:

    I would say "lose weight" but really it should be "keep losing weight" since I've lost 5kg in December and want to keep it up until May 1 or so. @Ecstasy said I was too fat when she visited so I am trying something new :D

  10. #967012015-12-31 21:18:59 *Claire-chan said:

    I have a few:

    -Exercise a bit more. Because lately I've slacked off over the holidays and feel horrible about it. So I wanna be beach bod ready by August, when my usual trip to the beach is.

    -Find a new job

    -Get my own car (driving the family car currently since I can't afford my own)

    -Eat slightly more healthy

    -Drink more tea because I drink to much coffee

    -build my savings account and pay down my credit cards

    -Paint more. I wanna eventually pick up oil painting