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Parent: Web Games Thread

  1. #967332016-01-01 11:21:49 *EvoRulz said:

    This is Arcane, a really fun arena style game where you can either use a sword and shield of some form , or a bow (my favorite thing ever!! and the reason i play it!!)

    The controls are simple, your character faces toward your mouse, click to attack, and 'w,a,s,d' to move :D

    As you progress through the campaign you unlock the next level by winning the match

    you can go back at any time and replay an old level, as you gain money from your winnings you can buy better weapons and armour :D and use them to help you defeat the next level, also as you progress you unlock 2 PC controlled teammates, who you are responsible for giving weapons and armour before the game starts

    above all my favorite thing is to just use the bow and fight!!!! AND TELL ME IF YOU DEFEAT THE FINAL BOSS TOO <3