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All Things BRITISH

  1. #98852012-01-31 19:30:17 *Sutol said:

    @TalTal19 love Sherlock <3

    Shall play a guessing game with British slang? No cheating btw it's more fun if we all put what we think ^u^ Guess what these mean: 1. Chav 2. Bobbies 3. Cabs 4. Scousers 5. Jeal 6. Nosh 7. Dosh 8. Wonga 9. Apples and pairs are your... 10. Shank (people or practically anything...) 11. Tramps 12. Telly 13. Fag(s) 14.Summat 15. Spork

  2. #98882012-01-31 19:43:24NomNomNyan said:


    I want to try...

    1. A chav is a chav in any language...
    2. Policemen.
    3. Taxis
    4. People from Liverpool
    5. Jealous
    6. To eat
    7. Money
    8. Money
    9. Stairs (Dont question my cockney rhyming slang abilities.)
    10. To stab or a stabbing weapon.
    11. Hobo/ Homeless person (or in a chavvy way is could mean a skank or a slut.)
    12. Television
    13. Cigarettes
    14. Something
    15. I have never heard that phrase used, unless referring to the plastic cutlery in KFC...
  3. #98992012-01-31 20:43:09DSP said:

    ...Spork isn't british slang....it's a legit word D: for sporks....you know the cross fusion of spoons and forks.