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  1. One Word Advice

    #972252016-01-10 17:30:44 *armedzerox said:

    The one word advice

    Hi there.

    Feeling sad?

    If it's a yes, you've come at the right place. Sometimes we google up stories, cat videos, whatever funny stuffs to keep our hopes high, to smile, to laugh and sometimes to run away from our problems. the thing is, That might or might not help us.. But i want to offer one more solution. This thread. Read all you can read, this short advice that you want to take, keep it in your mind, and change yourself for the better. Or if you have an advice you want to share, please do! ^^


    If it's a no, then good. Brain storm your ideas to make an advice, in one word. Try to look for something you think that might help others, or might help to remind yourself.

    Okay here's the rule. One word. no more. but you can elaborate, tell us why, or give us the story behind the word that you want to share with us in the sub-comment. I mean the part where you comment after you clicked the time when the comment was sent. The word may repeat, but try to tell us a story behind it to make it more interesting.

    One word advice really helps (sometimes). trust me.

    Peace (^_^)v

  2. #972272016-01-10 17:36:17 *armedzerox said:

    Since i live in a foreign country, with a foreign language i'm not born with, it's freaking hard to live or even harder to socialize with the locals.

    Vocabulary wasn't enough, grammar mambo jumbo, even body sign are different. the "Okay" sign we made by making a round shape with our thumb and our index finger means money to them..until now, there's thousands of problems and whatever the hell you can think of...

    But even so, i was advised to keep on communicate with others, do not scarred of making mistakes, coz even Adam learn from his mistake. Meaning that every human should learn from it as part of improving...

    Without doing so, the misunderstood can never be cleared, problems will never be solved, language will never be learnt...

  3. #972322016-01-10 17:46:32 *Enami said:

    Contentment is probably the most important things you can achieve, that's what happiness means to me at least, when i can be satisfied with who i am and what i have, if you can get to that you'll see just how beautiful life can truly be, because instead of looking at all the things you wish you had, you'll definitely live a happier life looking at all the things you have and being thankful for that, it's certainly not easy to get to that, but start with appreciating things you have, don't wait until you lose them to learn how important they are.

  4. #972432016-01-10 23:51:38 *armedzerox said:

    "instead of looking at all the things you wish you had, you'll definitely live a happier life looking at all the things you have and being thankful" It's Totally make sense!