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  1. Tongue twisters

    #972672016-01-11 12:39:42 *Enami said:

    This is a thread about tongue twisters where you can post some known tongue twisters where you're from/you live, your favorites or just really hard ones, for the latter you can even post a voice recording of a success or to show how the tongue twister is done since it can be in a different language, but it's definitely not obligatory, it just seems more fun to add that ^^

    -If you want to try challenging a certain tongue twister, reply with your own version of it in a sub comment.

  2. #972812016-01-11 17:49:23Enami said:

    Here's a tongue twister that i have known since i was a kid, it's a frensh one; for Morrocans, our second language is frensh, so it's not very unusual for us to be familiar with some frensh sayings and the like:

    Je connais Connai mais le pére de Connai ne connaît pas que je connais Connai

    Example of how it's said

    A little slower version to help >_>

    It means: I know Connai but Connai's father deosn't know that i know Connai.

  3. #972832016-01-11 18:36:01olivaisfire1997 said:

    Here's some classics:

    1.Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees and sneezed.

    2.Chester chooses chestnuts, cheddar cheese with chewy chives. He chews them and he chooses them. He chooses them and he chews them. . . those chestnuts, cheddar cheese and chives in cheery, charming chunks.

    3.Moses supposes his toeses are roses. . .

    . . .but Moses supposes erroneously.

    Moses, he knowses his toeses aren’t roses. . .

    . . .as Moses supposes his toeses to be

  4. #974082016-01-14 00:36:06 *Yugure said:

    Sheik is Zelda

    The Triforce has 3 traingles. A traingle has 3 sides. 3 traingles x 3 sides = 9

    9/3 traingles = 3. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED 3 TIMES

  5. #974092016-01-14 00:47:24 *Yugure said:

    Some from our country (it's in Tagalog)

    Pitumpu't pitong puting 'tupa'

    "7,007 white @Sheep". If you've said 'puta', you're swearing.



    Bumili ako ng bituka ng butiki sa butika.

    "I bought a gut of a lizard in a boutique"

  6. #974112016-01-14 01:37:51Yugure said:

    Pronounce in syllables. Then, combine it.

    Also, no need to show it. Just try hard as much as you can, and have fun with it.

  7. #974242016-01-14 05:34:22 *EvoRulz said:

    This one is clever and i always like it hehe...

    Wun Wun was a racehorse,

    Tu Tu was one too.

    Wun Wun won one race,

    Tu Tu won one too.

    which sounds like

    1 1 was a racehorse,

    2 2 was 1 2.

    1 1 1 1 race,

    2 2 1 1 2.

  8. #974252016-01-14 05:36:18 *EvoRulz said:

    It's funny how in the english language, the sound " wun " can mean three different things XD or even be a name.

  9. #974432016-01-14 12:42:18armedzerox said:

    One of the classics in ma country.

    try to say this a lot of times with speed~

    "Yellow lorry red lorry"

    And "Black Blue Book" not black blue blook.


  10. #974462016-01-14 13:25:18 *armedzerox said:

    Been asking my friends around and here you go, A japanese version of 早口言葉 「hayaguchikotoba」[tongue twister].

    Voice recording also included for revision. There's a background noise, i know, but i don't have the time to clean up all those noise, but anyways, enjoy! :)

    Level 1



    tonarino kyakuwa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da.

    means "the guest next door is a guest who really likes to eat kaki (persiment)"


    make sure not say tonarino kyokuwa yoku kyakukuu kyakuda. Means a guest who really like to eat guest.

    Level 2



    tonarino kabeni taketate kaketa

    means "i was leaning against a bamboo wall next to me"


    Level 3



    bouzuga byoubuni jouzuni bouzuno e wo kaita

    means "the bald headed man can draw a bald-headed man on a byobu(some kind of paperwall?) very well"


    Level 1000++



    toukyou tokkyu kyoka-kyoku kyokucho sakkyoku kyoka-kyoku kyokucho-kyoku

    means "the head of patent department in tokyo patent a song about the head of patent department (himself) "


    I am seriously had fun making these. I really do wish all of you have fun like i did.

    Peace y'all.