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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #975062016-01-15 09:55:00 *Kirn said:

    David Bowie

    Born: 8 January 1947, Brixton, London, England, UK
    Died: 10 January 2016, New York City, New York, USA (cancer)
    Age: 69

    One of the greatest - and certainly one of the weirdest - musical giants of our time. I mean, look at him even! He has distinctly androgynous look, which he actively used, up to wearing dresses even, one of his eyes is different colors from another - which is a result of an old injury. If you would see him, you would immediately get the feeling of meeting someone not of this world.
    David Bowie dabbled in many musical genres, but it is very fitting that his success was tied with the Moon Landing. His song "Space Oddity", while not being about the moon exactly, got released in time for moon landing, which brought him commercial success, from which he went on to create more interesting and weird music. In time, he collaborated with other greats. For example, he collaborated with Queen to create Under Pressure, and he was the one to write The Man Who Sold The World for Nirvana.
    Not only that, but he also acted in movies, creating weird and memorable characters, from Goblin King in Labyrinth to Tesla in Prestige.