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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #975142016-01-15 12:54:32Koushiro said:

    Idk if people know him, but this was one of the first ever gore-ish film i watched and i have been a fan of him ever since.

    Gunnar Hansen


    In 1973, just after finishing graduate school, Hansen heard that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was being filmed in Austin and decided to try out. He got the part of Leatherface, the masked killer in the movie. Hansen apparently visited and studied children with special needs to determine mannerisms for Leatherface.

    After the success of the movie, Hansen co-starred in Demon Lover, but after the experience he decided not to continue acting, instead pursuing a writing career. In 1975, after one extra year of graduate school, Hansen moved back to Maine and started writing. During this time he rejected a part he was offered in the cult horror film The Hills Have Eyes.

    For me, Hansen has been like an iconic villain ever since he starred in the TCM, well, and 20 other films. But despite that, he is alsp a writer and has devoted his life into writing and teaching. After his writing carreer, he started acting again and has treated many films and documentaries, and even script writing as a side project since his main focus was to write solemnly on his own pace.

    Others might not know him, just because some might not like the film that gave birth to Leatherface, but he is treated as one of the most iconic villains in cinema.

    He died at the age of 68, due to pancreatic cancer, last November 2015 in his homestead, Maine.

    His agent said that Hansen published his book, Chain Saw Confidential, in 2013, detailing behind-the-scenes information on how the film was made. In it he revealed that the inspirations behind the film had included the fairytale Hansel and Gretel.

    Hansen, a keen naturalist, also published Islands at the Edge of Time in 1993, depicting his journey along America's barrier islands from Texas to North Carolina.

    He is survived by his partner of 13 years, Betty Tower.