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  1. Innocent or Guilty

    #975352016-01-15 23:24:21 *Enami said:

    So i found this game on a certain forum and i liked it, so i guess why not introduce it here? :3

    Here's the game: 1st person would make a question or statement (it's your choice), the next person would answer whether they are "guilty" or "innocent".

    After that he/she will post another question/statement to be answered by the next person, and remember it must be answerable by "guilty" or "innocent" only.

    Update: Since @Yugure edited his post a long time after posting it in an attempt to frame me =.= i have to set a rule here, you can edit your post but not after the following person has answered, unless you tell the following person about the change by tagging them and informing them about it right away :3

    Well here i begin:

    Snoring in your sleep

  2. #975672016-01-16 09:54:53BakaHime said:


    You were really mad at someone so you were trying to find them, and you thought this person was the person you're mad at so you went up to them and confronted them but it turns out it was someone else so you pretended there was someone in the distance and that you're getting mad at them but you're actually just saving yourself from the embarrassment

  3. #975932016-01-16 14:19:55Koushiro said:

    Guilty as charged.

    Wearing sweater because its cold, when you got out its scalding hot, but you just ended up wearing your thick ass sweater.

  4. #975992016-01-16 14:58:49 *Yugure said:

    ...What New Year's Resolution?


    Motivated to do homework, but ended up playing games/sleeping/chatting on CL