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Innocent or Guilty

  1. #1025302016-05-13 19:51:10momo said:


    Getting so high off of edibles that you press your back against the wall to make sure you don't fall down...

    while laying in bed

  2. #1025312016-05-13 21:35:17mizlily said:

    Innocent, not bout that life

    Bought something and then a few mintues after waking out of the store, you decide to return it

  3. #1030222016-05-27 18:47:36momo said:

    guilty if the highway counts w

    Tried to take a 3 hour nap and slept for 9 hours instead, waking up at 3am.

  4. #1030272016-05-27 21:40:46 *Yugure said:

    Innocent (never had friends, never needed 'em)

    Mixing rice with soup (or ketchup, gravy, mayonnaise, cheese, Milo etc.) before eating it.

  5. #1154802019-01-20 05:38:56Kinnear said:

    Definitely have done that in the past. Guilty.

    Pretending you haven't seen a movie before so someone else will watch it with you and you can see how they react.

  6. #1155752019-01-31 11:05:04NidTheBard said:


    Lurking for almost a year before suddenly deciding to post again (possibly causing people to remember you exist), and then deciding to Lurk once more...

  7. #1155822019-01-31 13:58:36DarkChaplain said:

    Innocent. I know how to hold my mugs, and how to serve them too.

    Coming to CL with the primary motivation to share personal life stuff with anybody who may be in chat to listen, while not actually engaging much in any other way, or getting bored and leaving when the discussion moves past your breakfast or similar.

  8. #1156162019-02-02 14:49:11Rebel said:

    Innocent... too much work and no one cares really..

    Go on chat room to talk about something that happened in your life but then no one gives you the reaction you desired and so you logoff CL.

  9. #1157142019-02-09 17:06:24EvoRulz said:

    Guilty if no reaction counts because the chat is dead and im on the move

    not sleeping a wink, two nights in a row

  10. #1157322019-02-10 05:34:34Kinnear said:

    Guilty, when I was younger. Nowadays I can only manage one and that's only when I have to stay up to do school shit.

    Both literally and figuratively judging a book by its cover.

  11. #1157342019-02-10 06:04:55DarkChaplain said:

    Guilty, obviously. You have to judge most books by their cover. You don't have time to try or flip through everything. Not even enough time to read the synopsis on the back, or the product page. If a cover isn't evocative enough to inspire curiosity, the book is likely going to fail in grabbing any sort of attention - people just scroll past.
    While hiring a competent cover artist can be a bit steep for self-publishing authors reaching for the stars, it's worth doing regardless, as it sets a book apart from the competition, especially if it has a distinct style that expresses what to expect within its pages - you wouldn't put a kids-comic artwork on a horror thriller... unless that's exactly the conceit, which means a competent artist will be able to play around it and make something engaging out of it all anyway.

    So yeah, covers sell books, more so than a synopsis does.

    Likewise, physical appearance or surface-level signals make it reasonably easy to judge a person's values, expectations and general attitude. There's nothing inherently wrong with judging people based on those things. Again, if easily observable factors that don't require direct interaction don't appeal, you simply don't bother digging deeper.

    In either case, the contents may be hugely exciting and the best thing you've ever interfaced with. But life's frankly too short to make sure whether or not that may be the case, when the first impulse isn't to take a closer look.

    Being an unnecessarily goody-two-shoes in situations that other people generally frown upon.

  12. #1157552019-02-11 21:19:18Rebel said:


    Wished you could go back in time to relive a period of time of your life, not to change anything... but to feel the joy of being new to something that has now become bland