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Innocent or Guilty

  1. #989812016-02-10 01:46:53Sheep said:


    There's no statement coming out of your mind so you start looking around your surroundings and think harder.

  2. #996112016-02-24 18:04:05 *Cloud-VK said:

    Guilty. So very very ...very guilty QQ

    Watched a situation go from bad to worse (even though you could have easily prevented the situation in the first place) just because you wanted to watch the mayhem.

  3. #996242016-02-25 02:00:08EvoRulz said:


    Not understanding how this thread works but posting in it anyway because you're done with not posting in it ffs.

  4. #996402016-02-25 11:24:16Sheep said:


    Hiding food from your roommates/siblings because you know they'll eat them all up and leave none to you.