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Everybody Loves Me (Chorus project) COMPLETE!

  1. #982382016-01-28 07:38:17 *Kirn said:

    @charmeleon new user without gravatar even?.. I have my doubts here, but there's no restrictions on joining. Just make a recording before the deadline. I will put you on the list.

  2. #984612016-01-31 03:15:35EvoRulz said:

    My Profile Picture doesn't have very good resolution :T but it should be alright if i send the original i think ^_^

  3. #984662016-01-31 03:47:15armedzerox said:

    It's been a long time since i uploaded this picture.. i don't have it on my PC anymore.. but i can just snip my profile picture and send you the link.

  4. #987012016-02-04 12:07:12Ecstasy said:

    Best of luck with the project, guys.

    @Lieutenant feel free to message me if you need any help with the audio (I can help with some cleaning and tuning and stuff)

  5. #987482016-02-05 00:29:14Kip said:

    I'm aiming to hand in my recording on Sunday since i'll be home alone to sing in the morning then~

  6. #988502016-02-07 13:37:58Rinneko said:

    Hey, @Kirn. Sorry, I might have to pull out of the chorus this time.

    I'm presently sick, and have lost my voice for a while now. I was expecting to heal up quicker, but it doesn't seem likely that that'll happen before the deadline. I'll definitely still try my best to get my recording in but please don't keep your hopes up.

  7. #989302016-02-09 05:58:44armedzerox said:

    today is the last day and i really hope everything will workout alright! If there anything that i can do to help, please let me know.

  8. #989902016-02-10 07:37:31Kirn said:

    So okay. As of now, people who made recordings are:

    @armedzerox @Cyth @EvoRulz @Kirn @Lieutenant @Teru and @MrTrain, which was a pleasant surprise, because I didn't know she is going to participate.

    People who haven't finished their recordings are: @charmeleon @CloudVariasKira @Kinnear @Kip @Maryam @Rinneko and @Taro_Tanako

    Now, technically, we already have enough for mixing, but since most of the work will be done on weekends anyways, I have decided to extend the deadline for a few more days. Basically, you have until weekends to send your recording if you haven't already. But no deadline extensions beyond that. So if you want to participate - this is your chance.

  9. #991452016-02-13 10:18:10Kirn said:

    So yeah, it's Saturday, deadline came and went, it's now mixing and editing time. Thank you for all the singers who managed to get their parts in time.

  10. #992102016-02-14 11:31:41 *Kirn said:

    And if you thought it will be a long wait - nope. Here is the video!

    Even with deadline extension all it took was from 23.01 till 14.02. That's 23 days. I dare anyone else do chorus on CL faster.

    Big thanks to the singers: @armedzerox @CloudVariasKira @Cyth @EvoRulz @MrTrain @Teru, I hope that you will enjoy the end result.

    And, of course, special separate thanks to @Lieutenant, who got all submissions, did the mixing, and helped with finishing touches on the video. (She also pretty much proposed that song, so yeah, thanks for that too ))

    As it always seems to be the case with my choruses - there's the end message after the music )


  11. #992132016-02-14 11:44:44Enami said:

    Aww this made me wish i participated despite my awful singing but oh well looking forward to the next ones to come :D And good job everyone, it came out great (ง ◕ v ◕ )ง

  12. #992182016-02-14 13:38:50Rinneko said:


    The chorus was completed so speedily that I didn't even think to check the thread for the final video yet.

    Personally, I haven't seen many pop songs done well as a chorus. This one was definitely an exception. The singing was enthusiastic, and mixed smoothly. While the basic design of the video was clean, the changing colours flowed well with the music. The conversational conclusion of the chorus seems to becoming a signature of choruses organised by Kirn.

    I didn't miss how Kirn and Li, as well as Cyth and Evo, were positioned next to each other in the video. The two pairs also had a duet. In the true spirit of Valentine's Day, yeah? ;)

    Good job to all the singers. Thank you for organising and video editing, Kirn, and for audio mixing, Li. All of you should have gotten your badges by now but do let me know if I accidentally missed out anyone.