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Everybody Loves Me (Chorus project) COMPLETE!

  1. #992202016-02-14 14:44:12Kirn said:

    The singing was enthusiastic, and mixed smoothly.

    Song is very good for its chorus. We all sound almost alright on it. Everyone just had fun, I guess.

    I didn't miss how Kirn and Li, as well as Cyth and Evo, were positioned next to each other in the video.

    That really wasn't intentional or anything. I just placed people - from left to right - in order they made they recordings. So yeah, we editors were first, next Cyth and so on. And it turned out that way, so yep.

  2. #994582016-02-19 15:45:21Cloud-VK said:

    I can't get over how fast you guys got that done. It has to set the record for fastest time a CL chorus has been completed ;)

  3. #1002752016-03-11 22:44:14EvoRulz said:

    Hopefully CL will be a bit busier next time :3 I have the craziest ambition to have a chorus as big as the first opening of durarara again one day!

  4. #1002972016-03-12 09:23:18Kirn said:

    I have the craziest ambition to have a chorus as big as the first opening of durarara again one day!

    That will obviously never happen.

  5. #1005872016-03-19 12:20:42Kirn said:

    Anyways. It feels, that it remained stickied, after completion, for longer than we spend doing this. So if anyone from staff reading this - it's time to unsticky this project.

  6. #1014442016-04-19 23:06:36Cloud-VK said:

    Been a month since @Kirn posted that ^

    Any reason this is still stickied? >.>

    Also, is anyone ready for a new chorus yet?

    <.< c'mon guys lets sing somthin~

  7. #1014982016-04-21 02:57:43 *EvoRulz said:

    @Cloud-V.K. Has CL ever done the Pokemon theme song? Probably the number one most successful anime opening, and I feel like this would be awesome, but if we wait until the end of the year we'll get way more participants~

    I can't tag your name .__.

  8. #1015162016-04-21 11:23:56Cloud-VK said:

    @EvoRulz we sang the pokemon theme in the English medley chorus, and yeah, I guess that'd be right.

    Funny you can't tag me~

    I remember a friend I had on here who couldn't be tagged cause of her name, guess my name is like that now ...oh well

  9. #1031652016-06-01 05:38:02The1Danae said:

    Great job guys! I am actually Majoring in Vocal Music in University so hit me up next time you do one! I am good at giving singing advice annnnd I can actually participate ^_^