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  1. Duolingo Competitive Group

    #981682016-01-27 01:08:43 *Clever said:

    Hey guys! So there's this app that that I've been spending more and more time on called Duolingo.

    It offers: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Esperanto, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish! And that's just the languages offered for English speakers.

    Let me get to my point; I am currently friendless on the app, and would like to remedy this. If anyone would like to join me, my ID is Alphanurd. I'm currently learning Spanish and Russian, but I'm down to learn more. Send me a friend request!!

    I don't know if you have to be learning the same languages for any actual competition to be had, but I guess we can try it anyway!

  2. #981862016-01-27 03:54:54Kemiu said:

    Non of the languages interest me but since I am Polish if anyone will want to test things out on me or compete feel free too. I will make an account tomorrow.

  3. #981872016-01-27 04:02:07Kemiu said:

    I tested out this app taking a Polish course and I can confirm it is false on many things. Pronunciation is off, spelling and also structures of sentences.

  4. #981892016-01-27 04:25:24Kemiu said:

    @Inia well I know its bad but yeah it is very bad Polish. I am putting the right things in (I know I was born in Poland lol!) And its telling me it isn't right and it wants a literal translation ignoring any ways of seeing that it changes eg. Translate This animal is good and listens to the woman. Is Ten zwiezak jest dobry i slucha do tej kobiety. They don't want that but they want Zwiezak jest dobry is slucha do kobiety Which is literally Animal is good and listens to woman.

    Yeah its very bad.

  5. #981902016-01-27 04:28:39Inia said:

    Lol, oh boy. It's caveman speak. One of the top comments on PC Mag's page says that regular people contribute. It sounds like (before you know it) where people offer vocab lists. If I remember that correctly.

  6. #981912016-01-27 04:31:32Kemiu said:

    @Inia I know right xD its so annoying. I will still complete the course when I wake up just to get through it but its a nightmare don't reccomend it.

  7. #981932016-01-27 05:48:15Lieutenant said:

    Damn, the last time I used this app, they barely have anything in it, not even the language I wanted to learn, and all this friend system (and competitions?) are rather new to me. I don't think I'll go back to this app though, I'm already using something else, which reminds me, I'll post about it later.

    In the mean time, you guys have fun.