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Parent: Android/iOS App Thread

  1. #981972016-01-27 07:45:40 *Lieutenant said:



    Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages but are also used for other academic and nonacademic subjects (such as trivia, video game trivia, and pop cultural). Memrise uses flashcards augmented with mnemonics—partly gathered through crowdsourcing—and the spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning.

    via Wikipedia

    So yeah, this is the current app I use in learning languages, after my post about Duolingo, which seems that they also touch on other subjects. Available on apps and PC (which is almost a something that is a must nowadays), the thing I like when learning a language on this app is that it recaps what you have learned and there are also ranking system and such, pushing me to actually wrote stuff and buy my own book just for this.

    It's definitely easy to use, just always depends on your own internet if it's strong enough to use it or not. I haven't been touching apps for a while now, probably I should one of these days when I have the free time.

    I like all the graphics presented in this app, it's cute and simple )