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  1. Daily Happiness Thread

    #982122016-01-27 23:45:08Wolfangle said:

    Not sure why this thread was deleted, most of all since i created both the "Daily Venting & Happiness threads in the past. Anyways, it goes as followed as how the venting thread works

    Fun Fact: This thread usually gets less posts than the venting thread. It'd be nice for a change once in a while.

    Anyways, yea. Today started off with stressfull bullshit, but luckily a great friend of mine also had a stressful bullshit morning which led to a good day of talking with her for a while :v Not as much as i'd like to. But it was enough to change the mood and make us both feel better again. Also started playing the guitar again, haven't played seriously for about a year. I hope my practice continues.

  2. #982142016-01-28 00:30:08Koushiro said:

    I fell off of my bed last night, but the good thing about it is that i found a box under it that has all my cringey photos and almost krw 50000 savings.

  3. #982152016-01-28 00:39:44ImmaculateSable said:

    Woke up today as normal as any other day, with a migraine. My girlfriend, that I have been in a relationship with for the past 3 years, and I had a fallout yesterday due to "my apparent issues" concerning a few personal demons that i've yet to face and discuss with her. As expected she still hadn't come back home and instead stayed over at her best friends pad. Instead of phoning her I decided to personally make my way over to her friend's house today to talk things out. I laid out the reasons and my feelings on the matter and revealed my past that had scarred me up until this day. Eventually she understood why I had kept her in the dark about such things and finally realized how those events shaped me into the man I am today. At the end of the day our relationship was more solid than it had ever been. All in all what was made out to be a stressful and bad day turned out to be a great one.

  4. #982202016-01-28 01:16:43imugem said:

    I'm finally making good grades in my classes including AP, and was able to really raise my GPA. Its been so stressful with so many things going on, but it feels so good to be working hard and reaping what I have been sowing. I can finally see what I'm capable of and will hopefully continue to improve.

  5. #982252016-01-28 01:46:34Enami said:

    Today I got to talk to a friend I missed a lot even tho that was for a very short time, and also.. my mom has been "nicer" to me lately which is a little weird, but I hope that good mood stays until the end of this break... I should get this chance and act nicer too to help with my upcoming situation c:

  6. #993692016-02-18 03:39:43Lieutenant said:

    Let's bump this thread for optimism.

    Just got uni result, 7 As and 3 Bs. Got Dean List again. Will do better than this on next semester!

  7. #996052016-02-24 05:46:59Wolfangle said:

    Well besides the ups & downs i had today with drugs, specific hate towards certain people, and being an emotional wreak. the only good outcome i guess could be that i had lots of fun with kip this morning & i made a cake.

    I could've posted a venting variant to this on my other thread, but maybe the joy of others will lighten up my mood.

  8. #996092016-02-24 14:38:08DunnDolo said:

    I found 20 dollars in the washer machine this morning. And then luckily enough, I found 10 dollars outside my job today. $30 dollars richer baby.

  9. #997082016-02-27 11:00:36 *Enami said:

    So the "problem" i've been stressing over for a long time just got solved like that...

    I finally showed my dad this semester's results yesterday, although i could tell he wasn't too happy about it, i still didn't get the reaction i had expected and usually got once my grades drop a bit, even my mom whom i showed her the results before that didn't even get mad at me aside from expressing her uncontentness ...

    I'm thankful for that because i, myself am not very happy about them either, i've criticised myself for it already maybe a little too much, so i can't handle any more of that after i'm trying to not mind it now.

    This is pretty weird, too weird even... but i shall not question anything and just be grateful for this peace wheeee :D

  10. #1041772016-06-29 00:08:52 *Yugure said:

    Y'all need to be more optimistic, but not too much optimistic.

    Retrieved my lost account in Tales of Link. I will never leave you again, Bride Sara.

    I finally found and bought Pokemon HeartGold at EB Games as well, so my summer is partially complete. Now, if the Mystery Dungeon series are just easy to find....

  11. #1041882016-06-29 07:39:08Rinneko said:

    I managed to coerce a loved one into having lunch with me even though they were actually already late on errands. We had a nice, non-confrontational discussion on education and discrimination.

    Also, I'm grateful that another loved one continues talking to me even though I haven't done enough to reciprocate their efforts.

  12. #1044222016-07-03 08:27:54Cyth said:

    @Qarr, bro, for all the times you've melted my heart whether I'm having nightmares or something's haunting me, this is nothing.

  13. #1045462016-07-05 10:14:44supergal_gene said:

    when I woke up earlier this morning (around past 4 am) some people were teasing me but it made my day. My friends in chem also teased me today saying "he" was looking for me. Don't know if I should believe them. But most probably it was a joke. xD but still made me inspired and happy today