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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1051342016-07-17 05:04:41Domo said:

    guys there are so many babies in the world right now. like they've been born. you may get to meet some someday. so many babies

  2. #1051922016-07-18 10:38:09Enami said:

    Thanks to the guests we had yesterday, I got to have pastries for breakfast, had cake still but I'm too full :D

  3. #1055392016-07-29 00:03:04EvoRulz said:

    My teacher randomly walked up to me when she saw me and said 'I love you Ryan' and gave me a chocolate 0_________________0 #unexpected

  4. #1055532016-07-29 08:51:28Rinneko said:

    I was late and just missed my bus. However, as I was crossing the road, another bus came and waited for me to run there :")

    It's the small things in life.

  5. #1056732016-08-02 12:21:45Enami said:

    My family has completely forgotten about my results so far, they shall never see my report card :)

    Also our yearly family meeting is cancelled due to family drama :^) that's honestly for the best.