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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1060372016-08-11 00:42:15 *Yugure said:

    Sooooo, yeah. Probably my 6th encountered Shiny Pokemon in my whole life!

    Also, Ruins of Alph's BGM is scary...

  2. #1061532016-08-14 11:53:08Enami said:

    I'm glad I stepped in even though I didn't expect a pleasant result, they don't have to understand as long as they respect my privacy.

  3. #1061592016-08-14 16:22:02Teil said:

    Finished a morning shift so now I have the rest of the day off + I don't work for the next 2 days. I have essentially 3 days off for the first time in months^^ Time to not leave my room~