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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1087022017-01-08 03:27:27Terikara said:

    Usually at this time of the day I'd be stressed enough to have forgotten what happened in the previous ten hours. I think... this was a Saturday that was interesting. I organized some of my PC folders. Wrote a bit of a story. I actually felt I don't know what's going on in the story. Pacing too slow but oh wells. I had coffee I actually like Latae, but... oh wells. I hate it sometimes. This is a Saturday in taking a break since I was pretty much sick from all the stress in the week.

  2. #1087222017-01-09 13:33:34Cloud-VK said:

    I shaved and for once, I got my beard to look the way I wanted! I'm SO happy! I'd like to thank Gillette! Um YouTube! and ...uh ...God! Ya'll have a nice night!`

  3. #1089042017-01-24 05:35:56shafnat said:

    mixing traditional foods and fast foods went sooo goood!

    just made a burger that consists a slice of tempe mendoan, some kangkung tumis, seblak, an egg and sliced bratwurst. and some mayonnaise and mustard!

  4. #1094792017-03-08 09:15:50shafnat said:

    someone just actually drew me without me doing anything or even asks, never knew i would ever be in someone's concern :D

  5. #1095232017-03-13 06:38:49chalice said:

    I went to the Humane Society to get volunteer papers and visit this certain puppy. I ended up talking to a worker, next thing you know I promised to bring my dog (whom I adopted from there) for a visit and all the workers were so excited about that. It just makes me happy that so many people remember and like my dog.

  6. #1105062017-05-12 08:01:02Inia said:

    Reconnecting with someone after so many years, only to find out they kept a gift that was given out of love -- brings tears to my eyes. More so because it was within reach. The best thing after that, having a fresh start after all the darkness is long past.

  7. #1105102017-05-12 20:33:13DarkChaplain said:

    Today I went out to ambush a delivery guy who was gonna take my package to the wrong address, aka my actual address where I'm not staying right now. It was a bar of RAM for my beautiful machine. Ended up waiting almost 2 hours outside in the sun, reading to pass the time.

    When I finally got back home, I started unhooking my PC to perform surgery. I ended up taking the entire thing apart. I cleaned it as best I could. Every single piece. I reconnected everything, sorted cables, dumped some redundant stuff. Thanked the components for their years of service. A full-blown rebirth while looping Making of a Cyborg in the background.

    Taking Her apart, performing the necessary cleaning rituals, and reassembling Her in the Omnissiah's image, made me feel utterly relaxed. It was pure tranquility. This is the closest I will ever get to true meditation, I believe. It felt good.

    Nevermind that I am tired as fuck today. No matter the stress. But for 3 hours today, I managed to put aside everything and focus on the beauty of the machine. Praise be to the Omnissiah.

  8. #1113452017-07-03 04:26:08 *chalice said:

    My niece was born today. My best friend and I are working on two games. And finally I got that NSHSS Membership! :D

  9. #1114032017-07-09 04:02:59 *Yugure said:

    It's very shallow of me to post this, but since I rarely ride an airplane, I have to appreciate every single time I'm on air.

    The view from an airplane 37km above Earth is simply spectacular. When I look over the horizon, I see the vast beauty and largeness of the world. When I look below, I see archipelagos, all sorts of clouds, and such.

    For me, I saw the clouds as "lands on air" to compare for the actual land, and the invisible patches of air as "waters on air" to compare for the actual bodies of water. And that thought just kinda mesmerized me to the point that, what if I could walk the invisible air, and avoid the clouds, making it somewhat, "another world of the actual world", but I only thought of that to daydream and pass time. I swear, flights are boring without WiFi.

    Anyways, it's the little things like this that counts for me. I've been haunted by depression, worry and exhaustion for the last weeks, but the fact that I can still make an interesting point of view and just casually be calm amidst the chaos, makes me happy in a way.

    I'm just chilling at a hotel right now. I've made this far, and hopefully, I can see the world above once more, later

  10. #1114802017-07-18 23:11:32Sheep said:

    Today, a person very important to me turns 17. Although far apart, I want to share this happiness with you, @Enami :) Here's the promised chocolate cake! It's funny when I look back at those times that I've used to dislike you. And now, here I am using my allowance to buy cake for a person 16 hours away from me. So if I were allowed to wish in your place, I hope someday we would be eating cake together. :))

    Happy birthday! Have a great day! I love you ♡