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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1087022017-01-08 03:27:27Terikara said:

    Usually at this time of the day I'd be stressed enough to have forgotten what happened in the previous ten hours. I think... this was a Saturday that was interesting. I organized some of my PC folders. Wrote a bit of a story. I actually felt I don't know what's going on in the story. Pacing too slow but oh wells. I had coffee I actually like Latae, but... oh wells. I hate it sometimes. This is a Saturday in taking a break since I was pretty much sick from all the stress in the week.

  2. #1087222017-01-09 13:33:34Cloud-VK said:

    I shaved and for once, I got my beard to look the way I wanted! I'm SO happy! I'd like to thank Gillette! Um YouTube! and ...uh ...God! Ya'll have a nice night!`

  3. #1089042017-01-24 05:35:56shafnat said:

    mixing traditional foods and fast foods went sooo goood!

    just made a burger that consists a slice of tempe mendoan, some kangkung tumis, seblak, an egg and sliced bratwurst. and some mayonnaise and mustard!

  4. #1094792017-03-08 09:15:50shafnat said:

    someone just actually drew me without me doing anything or even asks, never knew i would ever be in someone's concern :D

  5. #1095232017-03-13 06:38:49chalice said:

    I went to the Humane Society to get volunteer papers and visit this certain puppy. I ended up talking to a worker, next thing you know I promised to bring my dog (whom I adopted from there) for a visit and all the workers were so excited about that. It just makes me happy that so many people remember and like my dog.