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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1115422017-07-24 11:17:24 *chalice said:

    My mom and step-dad got a house, i finally have my own room now over there so I don't have to sleep in the living room.

  2. #1115762017-07-27 06:39:57virtuNat said:

    I found a box of cornflakes I stashed away who-knows-when just when my lack of muns and the weather would've guaranteed I starve for the day otherwise

  3. #1119122017-09-09 21:57:08IrawaWeirHolo said:

    840,668,817 Emiya still stuck at lvl 60 because of 9/10 eternal gears(i need to farm at London -_- which is still unaccessible) Kintoki still not shown in my support setup cuz he's still underleveled to be used

  4. #1119562017-09-13 17:23:49Kyuuun said:

    it's my grandma's birthday and shes in france so we have this joke where i call her grandmere in an exagerated american accent and she says petit grande fille! and shes been really sick so she hasnt been able to be on the phone much so when i called her to wish her happy birthday thats how she greeted me n im happy shes better

  5. #1119932017-09-16 22:37:22IrawaWeirHolo said:

    After a Super success in lvling Kintoki to 70 I decided to try the myth and rolled for a yolo I got a Prisma Cosmo, 5 star CE hurrrayy And I will be going to a fair

  6. #1122442017-10-17 21:02:51Kyuuun said:

    I finally stood up to my boss!! I gave him my two weeks notice and I'm finally moving to New York in two weeks. I'm staying with a friend while I get off the ground and oh my goodness to finally live for myself and do things for myself. I worked really hard for this, so I'm proud of this and of my finally getting the hell out of LA!!!!!