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Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1124512017-11-24 00:04:56 *Enami said:

    It's been 2 days since I uninstalled Twitter to focus on exams. I can feel my self control slowly crumbling down but I'm kinda proud of myself for lasting this long, gotta celebrate the little things.

  2. #1124712017-11-25 05:24:24 *Dane said:

    Thinkin bout how much I love my job. I worked thanksgiving and shit was crazy. We're the 3rd busiest store in the us for that holiday. Still walked home with a smile on my face.


    It was one of the polo store workers who complained about this. Fuck that kid, he's shit.

    My pal luna made this for me.

    ALSO THANKSGIVING SALES. 10$ tees and a Tommy Jacket/Hat. u know i had to do it to em. Almost cried when I saw the lil uzi shirt omg it made me so happy.


  3. #1124962017-11-26 20:24:56Enami said:

    Exam season gets me so on edge I get panic attacks on a daily basis. But today is the very first time I finally identify it as such so I now kinda feel better about it. It's oddly reassuring.

  4. #1125272017-11-28 13:29:24MacV said:

    @EvoRulz well... The crowd wanted me to sing so yeah... I wasn't prepared so I just sang a blink 182 song.. But they liked it :D everything was fine and I did a drum solo :) thanks for asking tho! ^-^ I hope your day went well too (^v^)

  5. #1125382017-11-29 02:23:25EvoRulz said:

    nice, i love punk rock XD you sing?? awesomeee! Drum solos are awesome too ' _ '

    btw @MacV u can click 2017-11-28 above a post to add a sub post which keeps things tidy ^_^

  6. #1134452018-02-28 17:10:16Kinnear said:

    Should have posted 2 days ago, but I stayed up most of Sunday night cramming for two midterms I had on Monday. Wasn't sure how well I was gonna do, but I ended up not only acing them both, but also getting back an essay for my mythology class on which I got a perfect score. :D Wew.

  7. #1136892018-04-10 11:53:43DarkChaplain said:


    Image courtesy of a kind saekano reddit fan. My own just arrived and is just as pretty (although actually prettier because Kato is right in front of me instead of through a screen). No import taxes either, thankfully.