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Parent: Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #982152016-01-28 00:39:44ImmaculateSable said:

    Woke up today as normal as any other day, with a migraine. My girlfriend, that I have been in a relationship with for the past 3 years, and I had a fallout yesterday due to "my apparent issues" concerning a few personal demons that i've yet to face and discuss with her. As expected she still hadn't come back home and instead stayed over at her best friends pad. Instead of phoning her I decided to personally make my way over to her friend's house today to talk things out. I laid out the reasons and my feelings on the matter and revealed my past that had scarred me up until this day. Eventually she understood why I had kept her in the dark about such things and finally realized how those events shaped me into the man I am today. At the end of the day our relationship was more solid than it had ever been. All in all what was made out to be a stressful and bad day turned out to be a great one.