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  1. TheColorless University [2016 Semester!]

    #982242016-01-28 01:36:01 *--Jack-- said:

    As some of you may remember, we had a Colorless Highschool thread at one time. For some reason or another its been deleted. Also it was very dead and inactive by now. As that was a couple years ago, I'd like to invite users, both new and old to attend this year's 2016 CL University Semester!

    To register please fill out some or all of the form format below, then post it on this thread:

    Student Enrollment Form








    Transfer Student: ___ [Yes] / [No] ___


    Tell us about yourself:___________________

    Do you want to teach classes? Are you a large reptilian monster? Parlez-vous fran├žais?

    Instructor Registration Form





    Employment Background:_____

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred):______

    What do you excell at?:___________________

    We have a variety of classes, and degrees available here at TheColorless University, including but not limited to:

    • Anime Social Studies

    • Academic MemeScience

    • Coding and programming

    • Gaming Literature

    • Advanced Adult Literature

    • Professional Bullshitting

    • Gun & Sandwich Safety

    • Cringe-onomics

    • Food Pornography

    And Much, Much More!

  2. #982272016-01-28 02:38:36123-456-7890 said:

    @--Jack-- Is there a professor enrollment form? Cuz I would be willing to teach Professional Bullshitting. Ever since the dawn of day, I knew I was born to fulfill the duties of bullshitting and to spread word on how bullshitting is an important aspect of real life and internet socializing. If this offer is denied, I shall raise to the lords and pray upon thee to manhandle thy situation, therefor granting me the honor to subject the minds of the interwebs the glory, the awesomeness, and the art, of fucking bullshitting.

  3. #982282016-01-28 02:49:34--Jack-- said:

    @123-456-7890 Why yes there is a form for Instructors:

    Instructor Registration Form





    Employment Background:_____

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred):______

    What do you excell at?:___________________

    And A Note To Students, Staff, And Facutly:

    Class registration listings will appear as they are established in the near future!

  4. #982292016-01-28 02:52:21 *Zach said:

    Name: Zachary Adams

    Age: 18


    Height:5'9 (175.26 cm)

    Weight: 190

    Race: Caucasian

    Grade: Senior/ 12

    Transfer Student: Yes

    Appearance/Description: Black hair, brown eyes, tired all the time.

    Tell us about yourself: He's the coolest kid on the block, but if you want to be his friend all you have to do is ask, he's generally nice.

  5. #982312016-01-28 03:04:24123-456-7890 said:

    Instructor Registration Form

    Name: 123-456-7890 (Numbers)

    Gender: Awesomeness

    Expertise: Bullshitting the bullshitable

    Species: Awesomenese from Planet Awesome

    Employment Background: I bullshit almost everything and have been since 1994 (birth year)

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): Been on here for 5 years, with 1 year of hiatus, and 4 months of Mod experience.

    What do you excel at?: Professional Archivist at the National Library and Museum of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Creative Writing, and Hopscotching. Oh, forgot to mention I also work part time at the bullring, cleaning bullfeces.

  6. #982322016-01-28 03:27:09imugem said:

    Name: Bella

    Age: 17


    Height: 5 ft

    Weight: 105 lbs

    Race: Caucasian

    Grade: junior

    Transfer student: no

    Appearance/description: dark brown hair, brown eyes, always look like I'm glaring, most likely wearing fake kids tattoos on my arm.

    Tell us about yourself: My favorite subjects are maths and sciences, and I hate history with a burning passion. I'm that kid sitting alone at lunch reading a book but if you start talking to me I won't shut up.

  7. #982332016-01-28 04:34:22Koushiro said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Koushi
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 55.3kg
    Race: Asian
    Grade: Junior
    Transfer Student: Yes
    Appearance/description: Black hair , black eyes(one is darker than the other), bedhair all through the day, tall, canine teeth(doctor said), very very look sleepy
    Tell us about yourself: I love eating, tho i couldnt gain weight that much, i love foods. Feed me and i will be tagging along with you. Always sleepy, always giddy, loves gore, has four cats. Favorite subject is history and literature. Bites people randomly, im that kid who bites people at school and get to disciplinary committee for rude behavior, but will keep doing it. Very dense(said my dad).


  8. #982392016-01-28 08:04:46 *Sheep said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Sheep

    Age: 17

    Gender: Bi

    Height: 170cm / 5ft 7in

    Weight: 40kg / 90lb

    Race: Asian

    Grade: Senior

    Transfer Student: Yes

    Appearance/Description: Short (neck length), wavy, black hair; black eyes; has a resting bitch face but is actually really shy.

    Tell us about yourself: I come to class late most of the time and sleep, daydream or doodle on notes for the whole period. I get average grades tho, so that attitude isn't much of a problem. I make staring contests at cats when I pass by them, I haven't won yet in any of the contests, I don't plan on giving up either.

  9. #982462016-01-28 12:53:30Cloud-VK said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Cloud

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: 215pnds

    Race: Caucasian

    Grade: Senior

    Transfer Student: Nah

    Appearance/Description: Blond short cut hair, blond goatee, blue/green eyes, and a very serious looking face.

    Tell us about yourself: Even though I look mean and don't talk much. I'm a nice person, but i'm a very shy person. However, if I see someone who is obviously upset/sad, I will always see if there is anything I can do, even if it's just talking. I love to help people. I like to play sports, I love art class, and you will probably find me sleeping in the library in the mornings. I will score high on tests, but I rarely do homework, so my grades are usually low, and that pisses off my teachers.

  10. #982552016-01-28 14:23:36 *Enami said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Enami
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 163-164cm / 5ft 3in
    Weight: 54kg
    Race: Arab
    Grade: Junior

    Transfer Student: No

    Appearance/Description: Wavy (and maybe a little curly ._.) black hair (shoulders length), Dark brown eyes, I may look stern (because of my resting bitch face) and too serious, but i can be more lively than that once you get to know me, i also look like the typical serious hard-working student just because i'm quiet and usually first in my class.

    Tell us about yourself: I'm actually very shy even tho i may not look like it, people would often get confused about what my personality is like, since my behaviour changes depending on who i'm interacting with,
    I also am very lazy so i never do my homework unless i want to (there are some rare cases) and i'm sleepy most of the time at class and comes to school late a lot. I have a pretty good reputation at school; that of a typical good student.

  11. #982562016-01-28 14:27:07 *Johtoh said:



    Gender: Meow

    Expertise: Sleeping and Random stuff

    Species: Cat

    Employment Background: Works part time at the CL Bar

    Years of TheColorless Experience: Too long.

    What do you excell at?: Sleeping, medical studies, cooking. Too long to list, must sleep.

  12. #982572016-01-28 14:48:51 *Lycan said:

    Name: Lycan
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Height: 1,84 M
    Weight: 70 KG
    Race: Scandinavian

    Grade: Senior(?)
    Years of TheColorless Experience: 5+
    What do you excell at?: Anime Social Studies and Professional Bullshitting

    Appearance/Description: Rather tall, but average for a Swede. Dark, almost black, hair. Simple clothes, black or gray jeans and sleeveless shirts, often black or white. Occasionally a jacket.

    Tell us about yourself: "I see him attending a lot of classes, but he doesn't seem to belong in any program. I'm not even sure he's actually a student. There's a rumor that he's been taking the same classes for over four years now. All I know is that he comes to exams but doesn't write anything, and that he eats his lunches on the roof of some building across street from campus."
    - Some other student being interviewed.

  13. #982582016-01-28 14:50:22Lycan said:

    Is he a student? Is he a teacher? No one really knows (well the teachers probably do, but they all give vague and different answers), but he comes to school every day!

  14. #982592016-01-28 15:05:25 *Rawr-ichigo said:

    Instructor Registration Form(Probably)



    Expertise:Gathering Spicy Memes on Reddit and other places

    Species:Human Probably(?)

    Employment Background: I've been tasked to gather spicy memes and teach them before on in a disclosed Twitch chat location before

    Years of TheColorless Experience : Same

    What do you excel at?: Gifs,Spicy Memes and calling people Nerds

  15. #982622016-01-28 15:24:48Lieutenant said:

    Instructor Registration Form

    Name: Lieutenant

    Gender: Androgynous

    Expertise: Consuming things she considers food, making people hungry.

    Species: Glutton.

    Employment Background: Food advertising, master of high-resolution food pictures. Was a literal fighter instructor and kicking ass for living. Settled down for the love of food.

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): For as long as TheColorless has lived, hiatus on 2011, came back on 2013, some months of Mod and a Ranger for now.

    What do you excel at?: Making things (food) look good. Looking at food everyday. Enduring the power of hunger. Shoving food down people's throat. Actually using food as a weapon and just fighting while eating in general. Also neverending love for Milo.

  16. #982702016-01-28 19:20:03 *Yugure said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Yugure (Yu, or Yugu for short...and cutesy .____.)

    Age:The minimum age this university has to offer (11 or 16)

    Gender: Boy. For. Emphasis.

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 50 kg, last time I checked

    Race: Half Human, Half Demon

    Grade: The minimum

    Transfer Student: Nope

    Appearance/Description: Tall, fairly-skinned and handsome. Raven and bed hair, all day. Wears cool clothes, goggles, chain wallet and necklace that symbolizes the demon blood. Has a long, sleek tail, but is the most sensitive part, so it's hidden. Always equipped with a billiard stick, and skateboard.

    Tell us about yourself: Always late. Dozes off when bored. Skips classes. Ingenious in making plans on the spot, and making it up as the plan goes. Excels in sports and athletic activities. Loves traveling with the skateboard from one place to another. Is shy and awkward when socializing and in a group. Tackles problems alone, resulting in being an immature, hot-headed and determined person. Most likely to fail tests. February 25.

  17. #982722016-01-28 21:41:49LyraBane said:

    Name: Lyra Bane

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5`3"

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Race: Caucasian

    Grade: Freshman

    Transfer Student: No

    Appearance/Description: Blonde, Blue eyes, Black rimmed glasses, ....curvy-ish?

    Tell us about yourself: As in my intro, I am a geek. Best way to put it is I am a geek that looks like a valley girl and dresses like an Art Student. I enjoy good music, drawing, watching movies with friends, and just relaxing

  18. #983232016-01-29 07:27:56 *EvoRulz said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: EvoRulz

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male


    Weight: 51kg

    Race: Panda

    Grade: Freshman

    Transfer Student: ___ [Yes] ( / ) [No] ___ (circles "or" huehuehue)

    Appearance/Description: Black, White, Asian, AND Australian

    Tell us about yourself: I have ADHD and an IQ of 136, also I am a christian.

    I wish to enroll in Coding & Programming

    Edit: Also, @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth @Cyth ..... @Cyth
  19. #983582016-01-29 22:15:07 *udonge said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: udonge

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Height: 175cm

    Weight: 60kg

    Race: Moon Rabbit

    Grade: Senior

    Transfer Student: Yes

    Appearance/Description: Use to have silver/purple ish hair with long rabbit ear but ever since i migrated to Earth, I have go with the appearance of a slender, short black hair and eye, south east asian (since that's where i end up landing when i first arrive on Earth). How you may ask? Advance Moon cloaking technology!

    Tell us about yourself: A former Lunarian from the Lunar Capital. Generally mistaken as Earth based noodle call Udon. Honestly, i would say my food related skill is superior than a certain androgynous food instructor (at least when it come to potato or noodle based food!). A fan of tea and chocolate beverages. I don't mind talking to people if they were to approached me.

  20. #983592016-01-29 22:52:56judar said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: judar/judas/usa n variants

    Age: 16

    Gender: cash register sound

    Height: 152cm

    Weight: twelve healthy cabbages

    Race: ambiguously brown

    Grade: old man

    Transfer Student: Yes (who knows?)

    Appearance/Description: cool vampire whos really invested in mobages. constantly (confusingly?) covered in glitter. always overdressed. sleepy eyes and big glasses. radiant. strikes jojo poses whilst talking, but otherwise a pretty good conversationalist.

    Tell us about yourself: stu(dying) pre-med and using most of the time to play love live in the cadaver room. willing to fight most people over dogs. joins every club after watching sports anime but never shows up. sleeps a lot. has been here for years but lurking, probably taking a nap in the light music club at any given time. paints whilst crying to 2009 pop music. sleeps A Lot. attends a lesson every once in awhile but just plays idol games loudly through them. why are they ehre? where did they come from? where did they go?

  21. #984412016-01-30 16:36:31 *Kirn said:

    Instructor Gardener Registration Form

    Name: Kirn

    Gender: More manly than you

    Expertise: Knight of the Blood-Stained Shovel, Master of the Glorious and Noble Art of Shovelry

    Species: Why do you ask?

    Employment Background: Extensive experience raiding most wast cemeteries and designing most deadly garden mazes. Also hitting stuff with shovels. A lot. I got recommendation letters, you know.

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): Really?

    What do you excell at?: I can dig. I also can not dig. That's old Russian joke that you will never understand. Someone has to do physical labor around here, make things done. Do you know that plants need love, care and decomposing body in the ground to grow properly? Now you know. So you know how long it takes to shovel ten meters of snow in class 5 blizzard? I am not telling.

  22. #985002016-01-31 17:35:54Arachne said:
    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Arachne

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Height: 175 cm

    Weight: 60 kg

    Race: Scandinavian

    Grade: Senior

    Transfer Student: No

    Appearance/Description: Always wearing makeup, shoulder long bleached hair, usually wearing black turtleneck and trousers.

    Tell us about yourself: My nickname is mirage because I'm never present.