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TheColorless University [2016 Semester!]

  1. #987712016-02-05 20:26:45flossymoppet said:


    Age: 16

    Gender: boy

    Height: a mystery

    Weight: i wish i knew

    Race: white

    Grade: ?

    Transfer Student: maybe maybe not

    Appearance/Description: average sized

    Tell us about yourself: gay

  2. #988602016-02-07 18:25:36 *Grinners said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Illyasviel von Einzbern

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'1

    Weight: 114lb

    Race: Human turned Elf (People think I'm kidding, but I'm seriously an elf.)

    Grade: Freshmen

    Transfer Student: √ [Yes] / [No] ___



    Height: 5’1

    Weight: 114lb

    Hair: White braids

    Eyes: Red

    Build: Medium

    Head: Brown cloak (Hood)

    Torso: Orange/red and green tunic

    Hands: Black leather gloves

    Waist: Leather belt

    Legs: Orange and brown shorts

    Feet: Knee high leather boots with crossed ties.

    Weapons: Main - Composite Bow, Ammo - Common arrows, Offhand - Magus

    Traits: Sharp intellect and wit, Strong in world views, Childish.

    Languages: Common, Elven, Orc, Dwarven, Necril

    Class & Archetype: Magus: Magic/Weapon User, Eldritch Archer: Magic/Ranger

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Deity: Kinnereath: Deer God of Kinnereath Forest

    Tell us about yourself:

    Hello, my name is Illyasviel von Einzbern and I come from the big Einzbern family. My parents sent me to this school after I got kicked out of my last one. It's not my fault. They didn't believe my magical ability, and weren't very happy that I carried a bow and arrow everywhere. But that's not the point. I'm very kind and have a lot to offer.

  3. #988772016-02-08 03:16:30Kinnear said:

    Instructor Registration Form

    Name: Duane "Kinnear" Meadus.

    Gender: Male.

    Expertise: General Geekery, Debating, Pastafarianism, Cooking, Being a Dog.

    Species: Dog.

    Employment Background: Security, Blackjack Dealer, Head of Sanitation, Baker

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): 5+, though minimum of 3 on hiatus.

    What do you excell at?: Science, Geekery, Cooking, Dog, and procrastination.

  4. #989882016-02-10 05:37:43 *--Jack-- said:


    @123-456-7890 and I have decided to host an introductory course over the basics in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (The three main beginner's elements of basic webpage design).

    If you want to join we have a skype group that I can add you to.

    I'd prefer you subpost under this one to let either of us know if you want to Join.

    While some may prefer to be in groups just to talk in the chat, I do intend on having calls with actual verbal communication, as well as screensharing so either of us can visually work something out for the rest to see.

    If you want we could even give assignments ʕ ͠°ᴥ °ʔ

  5. #989912016-02-10 07:56:32Koushiro said:

    I want to learn css since i already know html and javascript. ^-^ i will pm you @--Jack-- my skype. Tho i dont have my laptop, and i cant talk. If i get an okay, i will join ^-^

  6. #989932016-02-10 08:38:23--Jack-- said:

    @Koushiro of course! And its okay if you can't talk. Talking just makes it easier to ask questions. But if you already know Javascript and normal HTML it shouldn't be too bad then!

  7. #990092016-02-11 01:56:30armedzerox said:

    i want to join but it will depends on my schedule, so i need to know the date and time so i can fill in my blank schedule.

  8. #990642016-02-11 14:01:16armedzerox said:

    Come to think about it, @123-456-7890 said he wanted to teach bullshiting right??

    And damn, HTML, CSS, and Javascript plus Bullshit...

    it's gonna be awesome. it's gonna be awesome..

    it's gonna make history, it's gonna make history...


  9. #990772016-02-11 15:59:01Sheep said:

    @--Jack-- I am available! But I won't be on the next two weeks; I have exams next week and shop stuff with my mom. Tho after that, I'll have some time. :3

  10. #1003482016-03-13 04:42:02 *--Jack-- said:

    @Rebel @Sheep @armedzerox

    Silly me, I forgot I could make GroupJoin links

    Nevermind, skype is broken trash

    H̶e̶r̶e̶:̶ ̶h̶t̶t̶p̶s̶:̶/̶/̶j̶o̶i̶n̶.̶s̶k̶y̶p̶e̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/̶D̶g̶N̶7̶I̶Q̶7̶V̶G̶P̶Z̶A̶

  11. #1006362016-03-21 03:23:30--Jack-- said:

    @BakaHime Just PM me your skype and I can add you as a contact, then to the group

    Its been a little inactive, and Ive been thinking of making tutorials to posts.

  12. #990082016-02-11 01:53:39armedzerox said:

    Dayem sounds fun! Count me in.

    Name: armedzerox

    Age: 23

    Gender: male

    Height: 174cm

    Weight: 65kg

    Race: Elven Malay

    Grade: Senior

    Transfer Student: [Yes]

    Appearance/Description: Wavy hair, bearded Elven Malay.

    Tell us about yourself: Curious to everything, shy to new people, like to tickle friends, and likes to do extreme stuffs.

  13. #990492016-02-11 11:57:17Johtoh said:


    Johtoh shall hold a HA class next week (Saturday). Those who wish to attend please comment and i will message you the skype group info.

    The first class will be an orientation to the human body. There shall be no homework due to Johtohs Lazyness.

  14. #991142016-02-12 17:22:56BboyNoblesse said:

    How to Pick Up Women and Have Good Finances (aka lifting and accounting)

    Course Name: ACCHNES 201: Accounting for Gains

    Name: Wallace McCoy

    Gender: He-Male

    Expertise: How to pick up women (literally), other things, who's asking?

    Species: American

    Employment Background: I've worked before

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): Since 2010

    What do you excel at?: Proper form and dope references

    I'll teach you how to both have the muscles to pick up a female, not in a romantic sense and also do your taxes.

  15. #1003442016-03-13 03:35:43Rebel said:

    Name : Edward (aka Rebel)

    Age : 20

    Gender : Male

    Height : 6ft 3in

    Weight : 179 ibs

    Race : French Black

    Grade : Senior

    Transfer Student : Yes (got expelled for rebellious misconduct and involvements in too many fights)

    Appearance/Description : Low cut marked afro hair and a goatee , lean muscular built. Always wears a white T-shirt along with a red plaid flannel long sleeve top and a long blue jeans (sometimes folded up) and a red high top Vans. White bandage strips wrapped on both hands from knuckles to near the elbows.

    Tell us about yourself : The handsomely awesome guy. I may come off as edgy or a douchebag, but I'm usually always messing. I have a habit of always causing trouble due to my Rebellious attitude, and sometimes just to spark some excitement... But I usually always regret it, So I'm trying not too anymore...

  16. #1003472016-03-13 04:07:14 *Toku said:

    Instructor Registration Form

    Course: Classical History (Egypt through Rome)

    Name: Toku

    Gender: Male

    Expertise: Specialization in classical history (Ancient Egypt to Late Roman Empire) and classical literature in college. Book nerd of the highest caliber and general bibliophile.

    Species: Toku

    Employment Background: Have taught courses that revolved around the self-made histories of my stories and the languages (each one being derived from real history).

    Years of TheColorless Experience (Minimum of 2 preferred): Moving on 3 years of periodic time aboard CL (scattered within 2004-2005, stable 2003 and 2006)

    What do you excel at?: Nitty Gritty organization, note taking, and point making.

  17. #1005502016-03-18 04:33:35PerrySona said:

    Name: Morgan

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Height: ~165 cm

    Weight: 112lbs

    Race: Caucasian

    Grade: Freshman

    Transfer Student: No

    Appearance/Description: Short, long brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, usually has glasses, always hella cute, usually staring at phone.

    Tell us about yourself: I like to read, sometimes watch anime, eat junk food, watch youtube videos, and feed virtual cats.

  18. #1006342016-03-21 02:18:00 *BakaHime said:

    Real late application but w/e

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Audrey :3

    Age: Younger than u

    Gender: Female :0

    Height: 5'7 rip

    Weight: 53kg...

    Race: uh brownyellow?

    Grade: I would say 7, but grade 7 was hell and I certainly don't want grade 8. Uh, Freshman! c:

    Transfer Student: ✓[Yes] / [No] ___

    Appearance/Description: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/050/6/2/_yu__render__1__by_tinachii-d5no4ed.png

    Tell us about yourself: I like cats, and sleep, and drama. I hate studying, socializing, talking, or anything that requires extensive use of my brain. c:

  19. #1006572016-03-21 16:02:06 *Maguro said:

    Student Enrollment Form (Don't wanna teach)

    Name: Maguro (Ma-chan/Machan, Magu)

    Age: 20

    Gender: how you see me as is up to you

    Height: ● ● ● ●

    Weight: 50kg(?)

    Race: Asian

    Grade: senior (graduating/whatever)

    Transfer Student: Yes

    Appearance/Description: Chin-length hair(dark brown), fair skinned, usually mistaken for a foreigner in my hometown, wears t-shirts, skinny jeans, and sneakers(No one can talk me into wearing skirts and heels, but I still wear them, occasionally), and always seen wearing earphones. Born with a resting b*tch face, but I don't bite.

    Tell us about yourself: Overthinker, lazy and goes at own pace(usually late and absent but makes up in class works), Quiet and aloof if not talked to, walks faster than other people when alone (habit). Kind of sporty; likes to swim and bike. Has a very bad habit of making people feel stupid during convos at times(really sorry in advance).

  20. #1027782016-05-20 20:52:33123-456-7890 said:

    Today is the last day of the Spring Semester of 2016 for TheColorless University. Hope you guys enjoy summer vacation and be sure to get into illicit relationships to rebel against the government.

  21. #1043362016-07-01 04:42:21 *RikkaChi said:

    Student Enrollment Form

    Name: Rikka

    Age: Probably the minimum


    Height: 4'11 (SHORT)

    Weight: Like Hell if I know

    Race:Half demon

    Grade: Probably the minimum

    Transfer Student: Yep

    Appearance/Description: Short black hair, red eyes, usually wears a black jacket, usually wears jeans

    Tell us about yourself: I'm half demon as I stated earlier. Always late. Tech savy-ish. Smart. Lazy. I like drawing. -______-