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Pokemon GO [Buddy System: Soon™]

  1. #1060982016-08-13 04:22:10 *Yugure said:

    Mall of Asia, goddamn, my favorite mall of all.

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    I wish I was back in PH. Those malls with PokeStops in it ;_;

  2. #1061032016-08-13 05:05:35Cyth said:

    My former school has many pokestops, our rotating cube thingy infront of new school is a gym... has pokestops nearby. Also, the mall where I always get lost with, has gyms every floor and pokestops everywhere...

    A driver got mad at me because I was laughing at a magicarp (na nangingisay) on the road

  3. #1061052016-08-13 05:10:48 *Yugure said:

    I swear, my hometown in Cavite, along with the college campuses, villages, malls and what not, have more PokeStops than where I am right now and that Sundre town combined.

    At least, I go in a city once in a while BUT THIS TOWN SUCKS.

  4. #1062982016-08-19 20:52:26 *Yugure said:

    Only in the Philippines.

    I miss TriNoma

    Hatched this one too, but I forgot why should I post and who/what told me to:

  5. #1069732016-09-14 03:44:30 *Yugure said:


    "Buddy System"

    You basically walk with one of your Pokemon, and that Pokemon earns it's own Candy. Useful for raising the ones that are rare, those starter Pokemons that have been collecting dust, or if you really badly want that Dratini when it's not common in your area.

    For a certain mile, it will produce one, and sometimes, two candies. The miles required vary between Pokemon, so if it's a rare one, you need to walk more. It really encourages you to walk, huh?

    Now get going.

  6. #1069742016-09-14 03:46:59 *Yugure said:

    For those who have a jailbroken/rooted phone...

    (like me)

    It's the end of the road for you

    Yeah, I'm fucked. No more hatching eggs for me D:

    The reason behind this, is because they will release the Go Watch Plus, and they are blocking out the users with jailbroken/rooted phones because they are considered 'cheating'.

    Just remember that you jailbroke/rooted your phone not because you will cheat, but because you want more functionality, design, and more freedom in customizing your phone.

    That's all.


  7. #1069752016-09-14 03:49:12Rebel said:

    Tried this game... too boring for me, felt like it was wasting my time, Plus I live in a dangerous neighborhood, can't be flashing my phone out on a routine basis, might shank or get shank by someone. I'll just stick to the usual pokemon games. Guess it's fun for most of you folks, Also, glad that it's getting those fat american kids to go outside tho...