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  1. Things you (don't) need to know about CL

    #986302016-02-03 02:57:32 *Lieutenant said:

    Here is the thread where you post ALL the facts and trivia of/about CL that you probably (never) know.

    Not to be confused with the CL conspiracies thread as this thread should only be stated the truth and facts within the site itself.

    • Please don't use this thread as a (negative) sarcasm mark against another user. Keep it simple and fun.

    • Don't post anything personal.

    • Also don't post nonsense, post something that we all can see for real, nothing out of a joke. You can post those sort of things elsewhere.

  2. #987172016-02-04 14:37:58Lieutenant said:

    So I'll just post this in accordance to the above post; if you want to view someone's profile fully without any disturbance, you should type


    instead of


    Yeah you have to put the 'show' in the url. Especially if the users put unnecessary characters in their usernames. Happy hunting users!

  3. #991572016-02-13 14:29:57 *Lieutenant said:

    You'll get redirected to the user page @Index if you put nothing after the "/users/" in the url (this user's name has a lot of wonders yes)


    While you'll reach an error page if you put empty after the "/show/" in the url (you can get the error page in many ways anyway)


    Also, no matter how many "/show/" you'll put after the "/show/" in the url, you'll be redirected to the same @show user page no matter what. (made me realize you have to have double "show" in the url in order to reach their page even)


    What about "/users/" after "/users/"? Aye, redirecting to Index of course! Told you the user's name has a lot of wonders.


  4. #991692016-02-13 20:41:05 *Rebel said:

    @Gargron is the creator of this site and was once hated by all Cl members back in the day for crappy management, now he's just a ghost that hunts this site unknown to all new generation members of CL.

  5. #993502016-02-17 14:20:25Lieutenant said:

    Does that mean the account is no longer on CL? Which means they removed all usernames with spaces from the database I assume, which would be quite a number maybe.

  6. #992052016-02-14 09:12:03123-456-7890 said:

    If you ever want to check out the images you've uploaded using this website, you can go to "My Stuff" and click on "My Attachments."

    It's very unclear why it's located there, really bad UX.

  7. #998372016-03-01 16:33:03 *Yugure said:

    Typing either 'undefined' or 'guest' will actually ping people who are not logged in, when spectating chat.

  8. #1000412016-03-07 05:26:38 *EvoRulz said:

    Yeah @Lieutenant i accidentally clicked lock oops ^_^

    Yes the 99,999th was deleted thats why it's missing, someone must have made and deleted a bunch of posts to boost thier way to the 10K post