gibe monies plz!

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  1. Cookie Clicker

    #987322016-02-04 18:51:37 *Yugure said:

    Since there's no thread about this, and @Enami got interested in it, introducing:

    Cookie Clicker

    "How do you play it?"

    • You simply click the cookie, until you sweat a lot, die, or your mom called. Whichever comes first.

    • Buy, upgrade and expand - it will help you. A LOT

    • If you do those three, they will do the clicking for you. And, your clicks will be twice as effective. How cool is that?!

    • Lastly, if you close the browser, it will reset. Save your progress by clicking Menu > Export Save (if you want a backup) then paste that somewhere; Menu > Import Save (if you want to play with your progress intact)

    Post your progress and questions right here. Oh, and wrist pains. Have Fun~

    Also, @Kirn has a link down there, but this time, it's meth.

  2. #989992016-02-10 11:15:00 *Sheep said:

    I think I'm addicted ._.)

    Also, if I'm not the only one...

    ...will someone do it and see what happens ._. Kowai desu