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Parent: Things you (don't) need to know about CL

  1. #991572016-02-13 14:29:57 *Lieutenant said:

    You'll get redirected to the user page @Index if you put nothing after the "/users/" in the url (this user's name has a lot of wonders yes)

    While you'll reach an error page if you put empty after the "/show/" in the url (you can get the error page in many ways anyway)

    Also, no matter how many "/show/" you'll put after the "/show/" in the url, you'll be redirected to the same @show user page no matter what. (made me realize you have to have double "show" in the url in order to reach their page even)

    What about "/users/" after "/users/"? Aye, redirecting to Index of course! Told you the user's name has a lot of wonders.