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  1. Lupe Fiasco defeats Daigo "The Beast" Umehara!

    #992982016-02-16 06:03:05 *Discourteously said:

    In celebration for the Worldwide Release of Street Fighter V - Capcom held a small "celebrity" fight if you will.

    Daigo "The Beast" Umehara

    Some say a born natural fighting game genius, others say he's the man closest to heaven. Daigo Umehara has been a huge member of Japan's competitive fighting game seen as as of the early 2000s (we're talking early EVO Tourneys) as well as the Western fighting game scene. Daigo is often referred to as "The Beast" due to his unnatural ability - whenever his health is at a dangerous level or in the favor of his opponent, his battle prowess evolves exponentially. I recommend watch his 2014 Street Fight 4 matches.

    Currently resides in Japan. And single. (Hopefully)

    You have definitely heard the name Daigo before - EVO 2004 Moment #37

    In 2004, Street Fighter 3 had introduced a new mechanic that was popular in many of their rival company's,SNK, had - this mechanic is called parrying.

    In all fight games, one must hold their direction AWAY from a target in order to block their attacks all the while taking minimal damage per blocked attack commonly referred to as "chip damage."

    Now,parrying, is the complete opposite - by moving or tapping towards your opponent's incoming attacks and with the right frame and timing - you [b]negate[/b] ALL chip damage and leave your opponent somewhat vulnerable for punishment.

    What the hell did I just watch?

    Evo Moment #37 is widely considered the spark that ignited all forms of competitive gaming. What you just saw was Daigo, at a sliver of health, parry Justin (playing as Chun-Li). Justin was using a Level 3 Super attack, Houyoku Sen - a lightning fast 7 hit kick comnbo with the 7th kick being a sneaky over head hitbox damager. This is the moment in 2004 that started it all.

    Not only did Daigo FLAWLESSLY parry every single kick, he managed to get the high kick and then combo into his own Super Art, sealing a victory in a seemingly impossible situation. To this day, these two fighters, Daigo and Justin play against each other regularly in various different fighting games.


    The fans, the world, and everyone loved Evo Moment #37 that they had a 10 year rematch between the two old warriors! Same costumes, same level even!

    Lupe "Wasalu Muhammad Jaco - The Man Who Would Be King" Fiasco

    Lupe Fiasco is rapper, skater, philanthropist, and martial artist. Hailing from Chicago, Lupe Fiasco began to release rap for a then-untapped or unheard of audience - urban kids who skate. Mixtapes became features and would finally get his big break on Kanye West's Touch The Sky song. From there, Lupe has released 2 classic albums, 1 label forced album, and has recently returned to his once respectable rhymes. Lupe has always expressed interest in Japanese anime, video games, and comics in general in all oh his raps.

    Tonight's Celebratory Exhibiton

    Months ago in a radio or podcast or even a tweet, Lupe expressed his interest in the competitive fightning world - going as far as to study Daigo's matches from almost every iteration of every Capcom game Daigo has taken to a professional level. While we never had the chance (until tonight's match) many speculated "just how good is this guy?" or "oh rapper trying to fit with the gaming crowd, har har.)

    Oh how wrong we could all be.

    I shall let the video speak for itself. If there are any other fighting game enthusiasts like myself please don't hesitate to PM me! :D!

    And if you're not into fighting games at all, thank you for stopping by and learning something!