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  1. Make Your Own Colorless Alignment Charts!

    #993272016-02-17 06:15:30--Jack-- said:

    As I'm sure you can tell, this will be one of those "Make your own with this blank" threads. But this concerns the ancient method of internet memery... ALIGNMENTS! Who do you put where? Hmm? Who's Good? Who's Evil? Neutral? Chaotic? Lawful?

    The only rule is what I'm sure you can imagine, don't be a jerk.

    The Blank:

  2. #993422016-02-17 10:28:16udonge said:

    spit in tea

    That's pretty evil there @S9

    /proceed to spray her with anti-evil gas!


    As for @evii-chii , of coz you are good. Cant really say Seagulls as evil can we? Though i do agree they are chaotic sometime. > v >

  3. #993332016-02-17 07:50:07Kirn said:

    Ah, good old DnD alignments. I think, whoever writes one - should tag people mentioned, too, so they would come see it.

  4. #993362016-02-17 09:47:19 *Enami said:

    It took me a lot of time to think of suitable picks for Lawful neutral and Chaotic good since Warlock is a perfect fit for the first one and so is Kip for the second (Evii is a great pick too), but i didn't want repetition ... still chose @Lieutenant for the Lawful Evil one though ._.)

    Fun fact: I was planning on choosing @Kirn as the "Lawful Evil" :'D but Lieu was way more fitting. @Rinneko, @armedzerox, @S9, @Kinnear, @Kittycat, @Kemiu, @That1guy

  5. #993822016-02-18 10:39:41Rinneko said:

    I like how I'm chaotic evil in one post and lawful good in the next. I exist on both the opposite ends of the spectrum.

  6. #1011272016-04-09 07:31:50 *Bayne said:

    I think I recall seeing some alignment charts with quotes below to justify the persons reasoning. For example: [Picture], Chaotic Evil, Wielder of the blood-stained shovel (Would've uploaded my own CL allignment chart but I'm still figuring out how posting pictures works)

  7. #1011282016-04-09 07:34:34 *EvoRulz said:

    You can get pinterest or something and upload to there, and then click the 'go to full image' and paste the link in your post, that's the sort of thing I do.

  8. #1011312016-04-09 07:41:24EvoRulz said:

    Also using ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg) along with a link might make it easier for you if you want to squeeze images into your profile and the links are too long :)

  9. #1011362016-04-09 08:21:19Bayne said:

    I hope this works (I actually don't know enough people to complete the chart, this is just an example. You're welcome to correct any mistakes I've made)

  10. #1033852016-06-09 07:36:53Bayne said:

    @BakaHime a true neutral has no regard for authorities and is neither good nor evil. Or simply a person who doesn't have preferences or allegiances. I put you there because you were one of the few people I knew at the time, and you kept saying 'same' in the chat. It seemed like a very... neutral thing to say and I needed people to fill the empty spaces. It's not accurate, this was just supposed to be an example of an alignment chart with text below.

  11. #1033862016-06-09 08:07:08BakaHime said:

    @Bayne lmao naw mate it's cool you don't have to answer me seriously yknow, im crazy :V

    So does that mean I'm the guy who likes to watch and laugh while the other two sides fight and shit coz if that's it then I'm in.