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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #996062016-02-24 07:56:33Kirn said:

    So, this is a good thing I made this thread, because if now - I would have had to make it again. Because holy fuck, recently I feel like I watched entirely too many movies inspired by true events. And here some of them are.

    Bridge of Spies

    Story about a lawyer that negotiated exchange of spies between USSR and US back during good-old Cold War times. This was very interesting for me, as I personally like Tom Hanks, and it's a well-made movie, but I always have to look more closely at "US vs USSR" themes for obvious reasons. Well, how much of that movie is true? Good place to start would be this link, and I pretty much often use this site to check on story basics.
    Controversy here is the fact that is mentioned right at the end of the text from the link. Gary Powers was criticized, and under suspicion, for a long time. Basically, he did a crappy job as a "spy", and was suspected in telling too much or even turning to the other side. Which makes me feel like the movie works to gloss over that aftermath, concentrating more on other things.
    Gotta say, as I enjoyed Tom Hanks on that movie, I also was impressed with how they shown the Russian spy Abel. Soviets get their share of being evil system in that film, but the person shown makes watcher impressed.

    The 33

    A group of 33 Chilean miners gets trapped in the mine after it totally fucking collapses, while people above ground try to organize a rescue. This is your general disaster/rescue drama, and the value it has is the fact that it actually happened, and recently, too.
    Obviously, this was over dramatized for movie purposes, because Hollywood, and here you can read up on things gotten wrong, out of which I guess the story of Canadian drill looks like the biggest mistake.