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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #996422016-02-25 11:29:52Kirn said:

    Let's continue!

    Black Mass

    Oh yeah, Depp movie! And a story about a gangster, that got protected by FBI, which made him do pretty much whatever the fuck he wanted for a long time. Guy was on 10 most wanted list for 12 years, after it was finally time to get him, and that came like 20 years later than it should have been. Nice, right? Well, how much of it is true?
    Quite a lot, apparently. Even up to mention of MK-ULTRA program, and damn, that was surprise for me. Plus, main facts of the story seem to be true - real people names and such, and their roles in all of this. Of course, this is Hollywood, so there's is artistic over-dramatization and such... But yeah, seems like that's pretty much similar to how it was. Which adds some real value.


    Holy fuck, Bryan Cranston! Seriously, after that guy got the BB spotlight... He's damn powerful actor. So, this movie is about Hollywood screenwriter, who was jailed for, pretty much, being a Communist, and blacklisted, among many others. And how he organized a black market of scripts under pseudonyms, anonymously got 2 oscars and finally broke the blacklist with his writing of the movie...... Spartacus. Yep, that's the guy who wrote that epic. So, how true?
    Well, you can pretty much read this article. Most facts about his case are well recorded in court videos and interviews, and facts about his writing are not public knowledge. And they say that his own daughters - who saw that period of time - helped to make the movie.
    However, I also can present you the other side. Which I was actually surprised a bit about - seems like there are still hardcore anti-communists out there. That one is longer, and I will be honest, I haven't red most of it.
    Movie itself is damn good. And I wonder, all those actors probably had a very interesting time portraying actual legends of Hollywood - John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Trumbo, Hedda Hopper, even King brothers. I am sure it was really cool for them. Also, while this movie isn't nominated for best picture, it is nominated for best male actor for Bryan Cranston, and I do hope he wins.