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Parent: Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #997082016-02-27 11:00:36 *Enami said:

    So the "problem" i've been stressing over for a long time just got solved like that...

    I finally showed my dad this semester's results yesterday, although i could tell he wasn't too happy about it, i still didn't get the reaction i had expected and usually got once my grades drop a bit, even my mom whom i showed her the results before that didn't even get mad at me aside from expressing her uncontentness ...

    I'm thankful for that because i, myself am not very happy about them either, i've criticised myself for it already maybe a little too much, so i can't handle any more of that after i'm trying to not mind it now.

    This is pretty weird, too weird even... but i shall not question anything and just be grateful for this peace wheeee :D